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Mr. wOw: OH, Did You Really Think You Were Going to Rid of Me?
8:02 am | March 25, 2012

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Mr. Wow Says Hello–Nervously
9:54 am | March 21, 2012

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Hmmmm… I feel shy all of a sudden!    Here’s my new blog.  As you can see it’s very simple.  No bells or whistles, photos or videos.  That might be in the future.  But I was anxious that it be user-friendly,  especially in the Reply section, so  all you guys are able to edit your replies as you want. 

I won’t really be open for business until April 1st.  We–oh, please, it’s all B– are still fine-tuning.

   I’m terribly unsure.  But I suppose if ever I feel sure, that’s the time to stop trying to feel sure.   I have a sense that with too much confidence I’d turn into…Caligua.  Really. 

But until I begin a bloody rampage through cyberspace, I’m still Mr. Wow.  I can’t wind up this little intro  with a definition of Mr.Wow because I have  never  known who he is. 

Maybe this new venture will help.    Oh, and within a few days I will have all my old WoW archives stored here.  Most of them, anyway. 

Love, Mr.W


P.S.  I know that there is an ABOUT section on this site, where I’m supposed to tell you all about myself.   Many of you  already know a great deal about me.   The ABOUT box confuses me.  So for anybody coming here who doesn’t know me,  I’m going to tell you all I can and probably more than you care to know, but I’m going to tell it on this page.


They call me Mr.Wow.

I’m 59 years old.

I’ve had a boyfriend (sorry, I prefer that term to “partner or “lover”) for 36 years.   He answers to B.

I’ve worked in the entertainment business for 30 years.  I’ve met a lot of famous people.  I’ve traveled. You wouldn’t know my name.

I am currently facing my final paycheck. 

I  left school when I was 15 years old.  I left home when I was 15 years old.

My mother died more than twenty years ago.  I never knew my father.  I have no siblings.

I’ve seen a great deal.

I have been very ill, in my time–13 years ago– but I recovered. (And will remain recovered as long as I take my meds.)  

I have been very depressed and I have not recovered.  (No amount of meds or therapy ever helped that.)

I’ve been a heavy drinker.   Not as much now, but still too much.   I’ve never smoked cigarettes, tried cocaine or heroin.  But I did grow up in the Sixties.   Not  all drugs are foreign to me.

I have a few close friends.   They all share qualities of tremendous patience.

I don’t own a cell phone.

I am not on Facebook.

I don’ tweet.

I grew up loving movies and movie stars.  Even (especially!) stars from an earlier time.  Especially women. 

I’m liberal but attempt to look at all sides of a situation.  Except when I’m correct. 

I disapprove of myself most of the time.

I love to read.  Mostly non-fiction, history and biography; these give me a sense of myself outside myself.  Because I am always thinking too much about  myself–usually, what a terrible person I am. 

I still sob uncontrollably when the boy has to shoot his deer in “The Yearling.” 

I adore Marilyn and Liz.  (If you need last names this is not the place for you!)

I’m selfish and childish.   But I can be giving and wise sometimes.  Not often enough.

When I am at my best I can charm the bees from the proverbial tree.  When I am at my worst my vibe can  bring down an entire room.  Or a small state.

I realize that all my problems, as an adult, have been my own doing.   I am human enough to be bitter now and then,  blaming others. 

And now I have this outlet, which will live or die depending on my input alone.    Only I can discipline and motivate myself enough to make this mean something.   Discipline, motivation–I have a hard enough time spelling them!    We’ll see. 

Again, with love–

Mr. Wow.