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Mr. wOw: Obama Talks … Republicans Listen and Learn?
8:30 pm | January 30, 2010

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President Obama addresses the House Republicans

If you’re a staunch Democratic pundit (hello MSNBC!), you think President Obama did just dandy during his tit for tat with the opposing team the other day, finally showing some gumption.

If you are a fervid Conservative talking head (Howdy FOX News!), you thought he was just terrible, and shown up by for what he is.

But if you are from the planet Earth, what was really going on for almost two hours? The Republicans condescending and lecturing Obama; the president condescending and lecturing the Republicans. Nobody walked away with a whit of perspective or any intention of real bipartisanship. It was an exercise in futility.

Mr. wOw cringed for both sides. The Republicans were disdainful in their “talking point” questions. The president was weary and royally piqued. Worse still, the Republicans had their questions prepared — literally written out. The president had to listen, and attempt then to distill the “facts,” on his feet and extemporaneously. This is not Obama’s forte. Mr. wOw has never, ever cared for Obama’s lawyerly, thoughtful, slow manner of speaking. (His speeches have more of a gallop.)

The president comes off hesitant and evasive. In this instance, he literally seemed to lose track several times. He was trying to think out his responses — an admirable trait in a world of thoughtless babble, I grant you — but his pausing and careful phrasing translates poorly. It didn’t inspire Mr. wOw with confidence, and if somebody who voted for him feels that way …

It also seemed somehow undignified and desperate to defend his policies in this manner — and pointless. Surely he knows by now there’s no hope for bipartisanship. The other side loathes him, is horrified by his presidency and cannot believe he actually inhabits the White House. He gets a high grade for televising this session, an A-plus, but to Mr. wOw it was stagnant hot air on both sides. And I cannot believe that in his heart — and his very smart brain — Obama doesn’t know that. This was just a show for his supporters.

For dyed-in-the-wool Democrats and Republicans, the event — which I don’t recall the likes of in my lifetime — was fruitful. Each side can go to their constituents and say, “See? See what they’re like?”

Cool. But what about the rest of us? We “see” as well. What we see are politicians who don’t much give a damn, except for who’s taking or losing what seat in the next election.

Oh, and one memo to President Obama — Stop talking about being a “good” one-term president, rather than a bad two-term Commander in Chief!  Geez! It’s only been a year. No matter how depressed some of us might be, let’s not put the cart before horse. Mr. wOw does not want a Republican in the White House in 2012.

This kind of weak talk fuels … the horror of a Palin presidency. Or Mitt Romney. (Re: Mr. Romney, I have nothing against cult leaders, but that said, I don’t want to see Tom Cruise as president either, as much as Mr. wOw enjoys those “Mission Impossible” movies.)

Try, for us, President Obama, to act like you’re hot for an eight-year run.

Who Does Christopher Meloni Have to Sleep With to Get an Award?
12:30 pm | January 27, 2010

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Christopher Meloni/Image: CC/Mirka23/Flickr

Who does Christopher Meloni have to sleep with to get an award?

Since 1994, this guy has acted his hot ass off, most notably in HBO’s “Oz” and NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” He’s done plenty else, including a few comedy roles. (In real life, he is nothing at all like his famously intense “Oz” and “L & O” characters. He’s a riot.)

But in all this time, only once has he been Emmy-nominated — in 2006 for “L & O.” No offense to his co-star, Mariska Hargitay, who is a doll and a very talented actor, but how has she racked up one Emmy and three nominations along with a bunch of SAG nominations? Meloni has given blood, sweat and tears to his art. (Anybody see the episode with Ellen Burstyn as his bipolar mom?) What’s the problem here? Too sexy for his own good?

Yes, Mr. wOw has interviewed Mr. Meloni. Yes, he is “all that.” And more. (Before acting he toiled as a construction worker, bouncer, bartender and personal trainer.) So … sue me. Charisma aside, Meloni is also criminally underrated and shockingly un-honored.

I want this injustice to end.

And if it does, Mr. wOw won’t expect Mr. Meloni to leave his beautiful wife and two children. A hearty, manly handshake will be thanks enough.


Scott Brown: Good Looks Matter, for Better or Worse, by Mr. wOw
3:50 pm | January 21, 2010

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Senator-elect Scott Brown/Image: Wikipedia

“Behold now, I have two daughters, which have not known man; let me I pray you, bring them out unto you and do ye to them as is good in your eyes.” –Genesis, Chapter 19, Verse 8.

Bible quotes don’t generally pop into Mr. wOw’s head while watching politicians speak, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of Lot and his odd family dynamics, as the new senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, talked about the “availability” of his daughters during his victory speech. Eh, he was just high on the moment. His daughters looked shocked, as did his wife.

Already, much is being made of this. In today’s Daily News there is a picture of Scott and his daughters on vacation someplace – the girls in bikinis. Well, this guy survived his seminude college-days Cosmo spread, so I think he’s gonna get a pass on his enthusiastic public matchmaking. (As long as the senator doesn’t refer to his daughters’ bust sizes, as Joe Simpson, papa to Jessica Simpson, did. That still stands as a pretty creepy moment.)

The pundits are going crazy analyzing his win. What hasn’t been touched on much are his good looks. Being handsome helped him win, and so did his gender and the old double standard.

Oh, do you think there’s a woman anywhere – even the highly photogenic, sexy and popular Mrs. Palin – who could get elected to the Senate with nudie pics in her past? I think not. Not that it matters much – Massachusetts is hardly a hotbed of elected female politicians. (Rachel Maddow has been brilliant and blistering on this subject for the past few nights.)

Just about the only positive spin to be put on his crushing loss for the now-humbled Democrats – Brown didn’t really run as a Republican. He avoided even using the word “Republican” as much as possible. So perhaps there’s hope for a scintilla of bipartisanship there. I doubt it, but anything’s possible.

There must be that hope floating. On his radio show, certified lunatic Glenn Beck said he “didn’t trust” Brown and everybody should keep an eye on the sexy new senator, because, “This one could end with a dead intern!” Glenn was nastily referring to the Gary Condit scandal. (Condit fell under suspicion in the death of intern , with whom he had had a romance. There was no proof he’d had a hand in her murder.)

Wow. When Glenn Beck is at your throat on day one – and you are not Barack Obama – you better be on your toes. Or try to get less handsome.

Mr. wOw’s Shout-Out to Larry King and CNN
5:00 am | January 20, 2010

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On an average day, Mr. wOw cringes at CNN’s grand inquisitor Larry King.

He is an abysmal interviewer. His mediocrity is such that it always cheers Mr. wOw (between cringes). Mr. W. still holds out hope that his own mediocre talents will someday bear profitable fruit. So he watches Mr. King bitterly, musing, “What, if this guy can be on TV, isn’t anything possible?!” We hope so.

But King has a vital venue in his nightly show. It’s rarely used correctly (the Jacksons, the Gosselins, Balloon Dad). But on Tuesday those suspenders and that horrific dye job did the trick. King, assisted by stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Tea Leoni, Mick Jagger, Jared Leto, Molly Simms, Ben Stiller, Snoop Dogg, John Mayer, Scarlett Johansson, Sean Combs, Susan Sarandon, Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, Nicole Richie and others, put on a telethon to raise funds for earthquake-shattered Haiti. At last count the tally was near $8 million.

Mr. wOw salutes Mr. King and all his helpers – with a generous round of applause to CNN’s exemplary coverage of the Haiti disaster. MSNBC also deserves high praise for their efforts in that area. (Although nothing MSNBC does can forgive that network’s weekend line-up of prison specials.)

In a week or two, Mr. wOw will be cringing and bitching once again at Mr. King’s show as he ineptly grills the famous.

But let’s get real – Mr. wOw’s own sketchy abilities and name couldn’t raise $8 for charity, no less $8 million. So, here’s a genuine high-five to a guy who didn’t have to get as involved as he did. Larry could have just run a phone number or website scrolling along the bottom of the screen while he interviewed, oh, for example, plastic surgery mental case Heidi Montag.

You go, Larry! And I mean that in a good way.

Mr. wOw’s Golden Globe Wishes
10:00 pm | January 16, 2010

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Mr. wOw is very happy he is not required to cover the 67th Annual Hollywood Foreign Press Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood.

Mr. W has been there, done that, and quite a few times over. But, it isn’t ennui that’s keeping him home. I’m down with a vicious cold. Attending any function, even one held across the street would reveal a dismayingly red-eyed, coughing, sneezing, slightly feverish and very deep-voiced Mr. wOw. (The only plus side to my cold—I sound really butch for the duration.) Stars gathered at the Beverly Hilton wouldn’t be amused by my ravaged condition as I inched in for a quote, or to pay a compliment, or ask for the breath of life as my throat closed up.

It’s so much better for all concerned to sit here in my fluffy old white terry-cloth robe, sipping tea, free to be stringy-haired, unshaven, perched in front of the TV. Glamour!

Maybe I’ll feel better by the time I have to dish people on the red carpet.

Now, as to the awards … I’ll tell you all who I want to win. This will have nothing to do with “best” anything, or tremendous insights as to individual performances or movies. What — go read Film Comment if insight is your pleasure. These are purely personal choices, and not open to argument. Mr. wOw is like Lana Turner: He wants what he wants when he wants it, and he wants what he wants right away. (That was a nifty personal philosophy until, oh, around age forty. Not for Lana. It was Mr. wOw who had to get real.) Also, not listing all the nominees in every category because … I can barely sit up at this point!

So this what I want:

Best Picture:

“Inglorious Basterds.” I think “Precious” (simply too unrelenting!) or “Avatar” (I want real actors!) might actually take it, but Mr. wOw loved those “Basterds”!

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture Drama:

Helen Mirren, “The Last Station.” It’s brilliant work, an actor’s dream role.  Who might get it? Sandra Bullock, charming but no great shakes in “The Blind Side,” or Gabourney Sidibe for “Precious.” Sidibe gives an astonishingly brave performance. I just wish I could have connected more to the film.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture Drama:

Jeff Bridges “Crazy Heart.” He’s genuinely terrific in this film. He is and one of the most criminally under-rated and under-honored actors around. Period. I want to see him with a Globe and an Oscar.

Best Motion Picture — Comedy or Musical:

Rob Marshall’s “Nine.” It’s not perfect, but I loved so much of it I’m giving the flaws a pass. However, I wouldn’t cry if “(500) Days of Summer” took the award.  I would weep if “Julie & Julia” was honored.

Best Performance by an Actress — Comedy or Musical:

Marion Cotillard for “Nine.” She’s superb. Also, she’s not Meryl Streep who is nominated twice in this category, for “It’s Complicated” and “Julie & Julia.” (Though I must say, Meryl is wonderful doing her impersonation of Dan Aykroyd impersonating Julia Child. Clever.)  But … I’m prepared for Sandra Bullock, silly in “The Proposal,” to take the Globe. She’s this year’s It Girl Resurrected, popular and well-respected in the industry.

Best Performance by an Actor — Comedy or Musical:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt for “(500) Days of Summer.” I’ve liked him since his “3rd Rock From the Sun” days, and he was just sensational on “Saturday Night Live” a few months back. He’s my guy in this category. Even though I love Matt Damon in … anything.

Best Supporting Actress:

I want Julianne Moore in “A Single Man.” Like Mr. Bridges, I feel Miss Moore is underrated and under-honored. However, there’s good chance that Mo’Nique, the epically monstrous mother of “Precious,” will take it.

Best Supporting Actor:

Hands down it has to be Christoph Waltz as the Nazi commander of “Inglorious Basterds.” No contest. And no contest for the Oscar, either. However, I love all the guys here—Matt Damon, Stanley Tucci, Christopher Plummer (truly great in “The Last Station”) and Woody Harrelson. But, I stand by Mr. Waltz.

Best Director:

Mr. Quentin Tarantino for “Basterds.” I don’t always love, or even like, Mr. T’s work. But this one grabbed me and hasn’t let go. If it goes to James Cameron for “Avatar,” I’ll be … very bitchy about it. There is a fine woman, Kathryn Bigelow, nominated for “The Hurt Locker.” I’d accept her, too. Very good film. And she’s not James Cameron.

Well, we haven’t even started on the TV nominations. Perhaps tomorrow. (I’m posting this on Saturday night). Mr. wOw needs a bit more of that soothing cough syrup, which seems to spark LSD flashbacks. I don’t know what the hell’s in this stuff, but it’s … well, award-worthy!

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