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9:54 am | March 21, 2012

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They call me Mr.Wow.

I’m 59 years old.

I’ve had a boyfriend (sorry, I prefer that term to “partner or “lover”) for 36 years.   He answers to B.

I’ve worked in the entertainment business for 30 years.  I’ve met a lot of famous people.  I’ve traveled. You wouldn’t know my name.

I am currently facing my final paycheck. 

I  left school when I was 15 years old. 

My mother died more than twenty years ago.  I never knew my father.  I have no siblings.

I’ve seen a great deal.

I have been very ill, in my time–13 years ago– but I recovered. (And will remain recovered as long as I take my meds.)

I have been very depressed and I have not recovered.  (No amount of meds or therapy ever helped that.)

I’ve been a heavy drinker.   Not as much now, but still too much.   I’ve never smoked cigarettes, tried cocaine or heroin.  But I did grow up in the Sixties.   Not  all drugs are foreign to me.

I have a few close friends.   They all share qualities of tremendous patience.

I don’t own a cell phone.

I am not on Facebook.

I don’ tweet.

I grew up loving movies and movie stars.  Even (especially!) stars from an earlier time.  Especially women. 

I’m liberal but attempt to look at all sides of a situation.  Except when I’m correct. 

I disapprove of myself most of the time.

I love to read.  Mostly non-fiction, history and biography; these give me a sense of myself outside myself.  Because I am always thinking too much about  myself–usually, what a terrible person I am. 

I still sob uncontrollably when the boy has to shoot his deer in “The Yearling.” 

I adore Marilyn and Liz.  (If you need last names this is not the place for you!)

I’m selfish and childish.   But I can be giving and wise sometimes.  Not often enough.

When I am at my best I can charm the bees from the proverbial tree.  When I am at my worst my vibe can  bring down an entire room.  Or a small state.

I realize that all my problems, as an adult, have been my own doing.   I am human enough to be bitter now and then,  blaming others. 

And now I have this outlet, which will live or die depending on my input alone.    Only I can discipline and motivate myself enough to make this mean something.   Discipline, motivation–I have a hard enough time spelling them!    We’ll see. 

Again, with love–

Mr. Wow.


  • Mr Wow!  This is great, I have already bookmarked you!  If you want help of input on this… know that I am setting something up myself in addition to my regular blog, and I will CERTAINLY have a link to your blog!!Best, – Lila

    10:39 am | March 25, 2012
  • Mr. Wow
    Mr. Wow

    Dear Lila…

    You are my first.  Never thought I’d say that about a woman. 

    B. has been pretty on top of this project, but thank you!  We’ll see if I can truly motivate myself.

    11:20 am | March 25, 2012
    • Several of us also thought we might benefit from setting up an alternate place for the “regulars” to hang out and discuss things, so… there is another fledgling site at “Forming the Thread,” which can be reached by clicking my name either here or on the wowOwow site.I’ve got a link to your site over there, too… hoping to help folks stay in touch!

      11:33 pm | March 25, 2012
  • KW

    Love your stuff!  Awaiting more!

    11:57 am | March 25, 2012
  • lsmyers

    So glad you took this leap! Anxiously waiting for your blog to go live.. with Mr. B nudging you along, the best of you will be here.

    12:50 pm | March 25, 2012
  • KW

    Also, Commendations to B for recognizing, appreciating & encouraging Your Delightful Talents!

    2:59 pm | March 25, 2012
  • Andy

    Hi Mr. Wow – Looks like you made it earlier than planned.  I too have you bookmarked and most probably will check in more often than before (I would await the alert that there was a new post before.).I like the format; plain, no bells and whistles, easy to use.Good luck….it’s good, you have a lot of interesting things to say and it’ll work.Andy 

    9:21 pm | March 25, 2012
  • Ann

    Dear Mr WowSo glad we are not going to lose out on your thoughts and writings. I look forward to your blog being up and running. Onward and upward!

    4:08 am | March 26, 2012
  • Claudia

    Happy we haven’t lost you!

    9:50 am | March 27, 2012
  • sadiebb

    hi mr wow! found my password in spam finally. here i am, ready for my biweekly fix of your column!

    11:04 am | March 27, 2012
  • Susan

    So glad you have decided to do this! Love, love love your articles.

    2:33 pm | March 27, 2012
  • annie

    Good luck with this new project. Glad i’ve found you again. missed your column.

    10:32 pm | April 2, 2012
  • Bev Franken

    Input your comments here…  Just registered for first time.   Could not be repeating comments.

    2:57 pm | April 3, 2012
  • S G MCG

    Just discovered your blog via BoyCulture…..As an older gay man with some of the same interests and experiences I immediately felt at home.   I too have been very ill and am not now.  And the depression never goes away.  I think it’s the meds and disease as well as the multiple-loss-syndrome, which younger gays don’t understand.  When you’ve lost everyone, or almost everyone who remembers, you are very alone.  Thanks for the writing

    9:24 pm | April 3, 2012
  • Erin

    Great to find you here!

    11:02 am | April 4, 2012
  • Lauriate Roly.

    Hello Mr. WOW:When wOw started I asked permission to join because I was uncertain that they would accept members of male gender. I promised them I would only read the articles but wouldn’t look at the pictures. On that understanding, they accepted me.
    Discovering your blog, I just let myself in without asking permission because I wasn’t sure to be welcomed realizing I have not always been very nice to you when you were at wOw.
    However over time I came to appreciate you and suffered silent shame and regret that I gave you a rough time, sometimes. If you continue to accept my membership here, I promise to be no different to you than I was at wOw. . . but always with a friendly heart.
    I promise not to hurt your feelings intentionally. Good luck with the new spot. Obviously,from the comments I read, you have a lot of camp followers from wOw. Lauriate.

    11:48 am | April 6, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Lauriate…

      Are you kidding?  I don’t expect people to be nice to me, or agree with me.  I want a conversation.  I want the people who log to have a conversation amongst themselves.  I don’t recall you were ever so awful to me.  In fact, in all my time writing for wOw, I lost my temper only once, not with you–and I regretted it instantly. 

      I’m glad you are here.  Please check out the latest entry, Mr. Wow Leaves Home. 

      You are very much accepted.  No matter what your opinion is.


      8:14 pm | April 6, 2012
  • Lady Jayne

    Dear Mr. Wow,

    I have been a huge fan since I first saw you on WOW. I miss your musimgs and hope you will write soon. I check every day! Sure hope you are well and vacationing in some fabulous spot!

    12:10 pm | June 20, 2012
  • Kay Too

    Mr. Wow,

    I had just popped over to the wowowow website after at least a year absence. My first thought was “wow does anyone come to this site anymore?” and my second thought was “where’s Mr. wow?”. Found you :) Love the about you section. Super intimate and revealing while still anonymous. Very clever.


    10:23 pm | November 4, 2012
  • Bev Franken

    I check your blog daily, and am disappointed that we don’t hear from you anymore.  Maybe if you are not well B could give us a little “Blog.”  Hope you have a better 2013.

    12:19 am | January 8, 2013
  • Andy

    Mr wow….where are you?

    8:06 am | January 8, 2013
  • merrell

     always appreciated your column at wow, and came back once in a while to visit you.   i especially appreciated your honesty which is rare and brave. thanks for that. macwoof.

    11:45 pm | January 13, 2013
  • Hi Mr Wow & B I was writing pretty regularly a few years ago then you weren’t posting very often so I thought you were getting readyto close down cite and since I saw no new postings I assumed the worst.Then Low and Behold you are married and writing again–[not as oftenas I would like] but beggars can’t be choosers—A little of you is better than none all!I will be looking forward to communicating with you.Take care of you and “B” and if you still work for Liz Smith, My hats off toyou both!—Your admirerer in Lake Tahoe…Dave Burt

    9:13 pm | November 20, 2014
  • Hello Mr Wow. My name  is Luz Pabon read your story. You had me in tears. I was also in St. Joesephs Home 8years. I spoken to my friend George Piccolo today. He spoke of you & gave me your site to go on. Here i am writing to you. We all expericened many good & bad things in St. Joes. Most of my siblings were there as well. I  was there since i was 5yrs. till 12yrs. old. You can write to me email or text me. I do believe we have  alot to share.Thank you for sharing your story.

    3:54 pm | August 18, 2015
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