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8:32 pm | July 12, 2013

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Mr. Wow Commands—Okay He Hopes Against Hope—That Women Can Rebel In Sufficient Numbers to Stop Texas, Ohio and Other Female-Hating States From Demeaning and Destroying Them!    Oh, and Bit of Secession Musing.


This is not Well Thought Out Opining.  This is an Intemperate Rant.  



It was good news that the vile, sexist, execution-happy, not terribly bright Rick Perry will not be running for Gov. of Texas again.  I guess he figures he done the damage he wanted to do, and now it’s time to relax.  Maybe he’ll get off on stories of women forced to have babies they don’t want, or kept from health facilities for issues that have nothing to do with abortion.  I suppose the same goes for the even sleazier Gov. John Kasich of Ohio.  (But now we have to contend the real possibility of Perry lurching toward  the presidency in three years. Again. )


If women are forced to bear children, I want the men responsible for knocking them up taken into custody and given a vasectomy.  Why not?  If the state wishes to control a woman’s body, they should certainly control a man’s.  It takes two to make a fetus. Cut off his balls.  Less pregnancies, yes?  Or do Republicans think those evil women spontaneously conceive? 

    If only it was possible for all women who don’t wish to be slaves to a man’s ideological bullshit, to flee these states in droves, by the hundreds, the thousands. Economically it would be disastrous for these barbarous states and their antediluvian politicians, who dribble religion out of their alternately slack, or terrifyingly hard, soulless faces.


But the bigger issue for me, is that—and I kid you not—I think it’s time for Texas to secede from the Union.  Along with most of the Southern states. Does anybody really think the Civil War was ever “won.”  Forget it.  We are polarized as never before.  So many fear the inevitable café au lait  population that will dominate in a generation or two.  The election of a man of color to the presidency had driven these people to the brink of madness.  Not that the North was much better for blacks after the Civil War—and for decades after.  The South wanted them as slaves.  The North wanted them as maids and shoeshine boys, train porters, elevator operators.  It was a slightly better life, but you still better know your place. And after welfare came to be, a lost generation of African Americans became even more lost.  The intention was good, the application haphazard at best. 


I’m not going to pretend I know what would happen if the South seceded.  Or even just Texas.  (Poor Austin, a bastion of civility in the middle of the endless executions and womb invasions.)    But I sure wouldn’t mourn the loss.  And I haven’t traveled to other Southern states, so I’d never know what I was missing.  My traveling days are pretty much over, anyway.   I might like to see the Greek Islands once, or Rome, London, Paris or Venice, one more time.  But…I ain’t aching to get on a plane. 


It probably doesn’t make much—if any!– sense, my fantasy.  For one thing, how would it look to our “allies” and enemies?   A weakening country going under. But I can’t help worrying that sooner or later, we will have another civil war.  Bloody and ghastly beyond imagining.  We are a softer, lazier people now, but inured to violence in so many ways.  It would be like a big video game to many.  (And which side of the States has more atomic missiles?)


By the way, I don’t mean to offend any of you who live in, and love the South. Or are Southern. I know there are plenty of great people there.  I know terrific Southerners myself—almost invariably charming people.  But the division in our country is an inescapable fact.  I worry. I feel separation is best.  And inevitable.


I also know it’s an idiotic proposition for a dying empire to put into action.   Why hasten our fall?



P.S. I am glad the judge in the Zimmerman case allowed the jury to consider manslaughter and aggravated assault.  Zimmerman was overcharged, creep that he is.   I think manslaughter will suit him fine. (He won’t serve much time, but even a couple of years in prison might dissuade him of the belief that what happened was “God’s will.”  (As he told the holy of Holies, Mr. Sean Hannity.)


One way or another I’ll be happy when this crap is off the air.  Student Loans?  Egypt?  Real News??!!!


Oh, when/if the country is divided, please send Geraldo Rivera down South.  I’d like to see how long his ass lasts.  He will be very surprised.