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12:09 pm | August 24, 2017

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“THIS is the inescapable fact: on November 9th, the United States elected a dishonest, inept, unbalanced, and immoral human being as its president and Commander-in-Chief.  He has daily proven unyielding to appeals of decency, unity, moderation, or fact.  He is willing to imperil the civil piece and the social fabric of his country simply to satisfy his narcissism and to excite the worst inclinations of his core followers.”   That is David Remnick in the August 28th issue of The New Yorker.  This was written prior to the president’s unhinged “rally” in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Other than saying I agree with Remnick there is nothing new to elaborate upon regarding his quote.  We all saw it coming.  And there is more to come.

    The ruling party’s power in Washington will not put country first, forget that.  (“Real” Republicans are horrified by Trump’s stupidity and vulgarity, but the reason they haven’t fled is because he’s saying a lot of things they actually believe.  They just don’t want it voiced with such honest ugliness.)  

    I will offer this aside, however.  Never in my lifetime have I seen such an unmanly man hold the highest office in the land.  Eight months of non-stop whining and complaining. This is a powerful masculine figure, a role model for America’s youth?   It is astounding to me how the people who voted for him, can look at this over-privileged person–rich from birth, who has absolutely no experience working hard or handling adversity—and feel a kinship with his babyish, daily grievances. I’m more of a “real man” than Trump.  And believe me, that’s not a statement I make lightly, in my loafers,

   For many years, both sides—Democrats and Republicans—have positioned themselves as total victims. They have refused to look at one another as anything but an enemy with no room for compromise or rational debate.  This toxic air of unrelenting grievance has led to this—a man who is unashamed to get up every morning and wear a weeping scarlet V for Victim on his chest. 

   A bully is always revealed in the end as so much weaker than those he terrorizes.  Here we have a bully who revealed himself right from the starting gate.  And yet he is president.  What does that say about all of us—right, left and center?  We let it happen.

   P.S.  This unhappy rant is simply something to get off my chest.  Nothing will change.  The daily calls for impeachment and/or resignation by Democratic pundits and journalists are pie-in-the-sky fantasies.  (If Rachel Maddow works herself up any further regarding the byzantine Russian investigation, she is going to need serious meds.  If she’s not on them already. That could, perhaps, explain her increasingly annoying and frenetic and repetitive delivery.)

   Trump will serve out four terrible years.  If, in that time, Democrats get their heads out their asses, drop the smugness and work on strong candidates for 2020, Trump might be a one-tern president.  But I have basically lost all faith in all politicians, from either side.  And that includes the hot mess that was Hillary Clinton.   Over two years ago I predicted that if she ran, she couldn’t win.  This was before Trump appeared.  After Trump, I knew she was a dead duck.  Of course I voted for her—even in my role as a Cassandra, I kept my sanity and hoped for a miracle. 

   I don’t blame the Russians—although surely that didn’t help.  Hubris was Clinton’s downfall. That and liberal fatigue.  After eight Obama years, the pendulum was bound to swing back.  This is political life and reality. 

   But who could have predicted the pendulum would also come with a ready-made pit, named Donald Trump.