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Musing On 2014…a Chill Descends.
5:40 pm | December 31, 2013

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Musing on 2014

Musing on 2014

Mr Wow Quacks–The “Duck Dynasty” Event.
6:37 pm | December 20, 2013

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The Christmas Photos Are In!


Mr. Wow Quacks!


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again—I ferociously do NOT agree with the wonderful new political correctness that suspends and fires people from their jobs; people who express themselves publicly.  Often in a foolish or profane manner, but that’s not the point. 


If the guy on “Duck Dynasty” wants to say he thinks homosexuality is a sin and that black people were “happy” under Jim Crow (it is this latter comment that I found truly offensive!), it’s his right.  He shouldn’t be punished for speaking his mind.  Or what passes for his mind.   Have we all become such babies?   Are we—if we are offended—unable to speak up?  There are a multitude of news outlets to express dismay and disgust.   We’ve come a long way from the old “Letters to the Editor” days.  Everybody blogs, everybody tweets, everybody speaks, everybody vents and purges. 


 Commentary today is—if you want to get Biblical about it—like a plague of locusts.  Nobody needs to be fired for stupidity or prejudice or a sincere expression of religious dogma.   Disagree with these opinions? Cool, go out and shame the perpetrator.  CNN…MSNBC…Gawker…TMZ…–they are all waiting to fill their yawning hours with nasty back and forth.  (Fox News fills their yawning hours with Sarah “He’s palin’ around with terrorists” Palin.  As if that wasn’t ghastly, irresponsible, potentially deadly rhetoric.)


And stop demanding apologies!!  They are always patently insincere and crafted by lawyers, press reps or the CEOs of whatever corporation feels threatened by righteous indignation.  (Or, usually, leftist indignation.)  Accept the facts of life—not everybody loves what you do in bed, what color you are, your spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof)   Work to change laws, strive to educate the young.   How much more effective if the useless tools at GLAAD had stated:  “We are disappointed with the remarks of Mr. Duck.  We hope he will someday truly come to Christ and understand how harmful his views are.  In the meantime, we pray for him.”


Do not put people out of work.  


I am gay.  I am liberal.  I still believe Obama is a good man, if a shitty president.   I also believe the Left shoots itself in the balls every time they get on their high holy horse and demand the heads of those who are not as enlightened as they so strenuously think they are. 


Stop it!    I feel like I am talking to spoiled, unruly children.


Let the ducks and the savages have their say.  Be smart enough to come back with something more potent, creative and useful than “You’re fired.” 


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good quack.



Mr. W.