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A Practicing Omni-Sexual Weighs In on Miss California, Gay Rights and Perez Hilton
4:00 pm | May 1, 2009

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Mr. wOw vents about the brouhaha at the beauty pageant.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Wow writes upon occasion for wOw. He is the ultimate Hollywood insider who live-blogged Oscar night for us. Today he dropped in to stir it up a little. We’re sure you’ll agree he succeeded.

Mr. wOw wonders what blogger Perez Hilton really had in mind when he asked Miss USA contestant, Carrie Prejean, about gay marriage. And I wonder what he’s thinking now that it has all backfired.

The majority of beauty queens are Christian or Mormon or … something else that does not believe in a woman’s right to choose or gay people getting married. And that’s fine for them. (Just as it’s fine for them to put plastic balloons in their chest cavities and sleep in cancer-causing tanning beds. One must suffer and die for hilariously artificial beauty.)     

Perez had to know he was going to get some version of the answer he did — “I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman.” She didn’t say everybody ought to believe as she does — even if she thinks that. (We can’t censor what people think — yet.) Miss California did use the phrase “in my country” when prefacing her remark on gay marriage, but also talked about “people having a choice” in America. Hmmm … this came as a big surprise for the millions of gay Americans who don’t have a choice.

I think Miss California gave the best answer possible under the circumstances. She was startled; she doesn’t believe in gay marriage; and she’s a beauty pageant contestant, for heaven’s sake! Ask her about saving the whales or world peace.

She didn’t win, perhaps because of her nix on gay marriage. Perez blogged viciously about her afterward, calling her a “dumb bitch” and the C-word; thereby conforming to every ugly stereotype about gay men vis-à-vis the female sex. Mr. wOw loves women. He is repulsed by this sort of attack. 

Miss CA has gone on to turn lemons into champagne, a far bigger deal than she would have garnered had she won! And now, emboldened and insulted, she really is speaking out against gay marriage.

Every time Perez lashes out, she gets another speaking gig or spot on conservative TV or radio. They are giving her parades! She is the new heroine of the right — a sweet, beleaguered, heavily painted Christian, being fed to those nasty gay lions.

Perez, you are helping this girl’s career, get it? (And putting a big grin on Donald Trump’s face, too. The Donald doesn’t give a damn about gay marriage one way or another, probably. He just loves the publicity this has generated for his pageant.)

If Perez felt he had to make a political statement, perhaps he could have worded it this way: “In the USA, convicted murderers on Death Row have the right to get married. Do you think law-abiding, tax-paying, gay American citizens should have the same rights as Death Row prisoners?”

Now, that might have stumped her for a minute. I know it silences dinner tables every time I say it.

Of course, I silence dinner tables every time I say Meryl Streep is overrated and over-honored, too.

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