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Dear Mr. President …
9:00 am | June 23, 2009

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Mr. wOw recently had some advice for Gov. Palin. Now, he’s back with a few words for Obama.

Recently, Mr. wOw felt compelled to advise the beleaguered and annoying governor of Alaska and her smart-ass annoying critics – please shut up!

Now I fear I must offer the same rude two words to our president, whom I admire greatly: Enough already with whining about the bad rap you get at FOX News! So what?

Mr. wOw does not agree, as per Fox, that the entire media is “in the tank” for Obama – and wait till the press turns on him, it’ll be super ugly. But surely President Obama is buoyed up enough in general that FOX should be no more of an annoyance than that fly he famously swatted and crushed.

As with jumping on Mrs. Palin, Obama’s citing what he sees as a negative slant on FOX only empowers them. The entire evening lineup – Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, van Susteren – is then up in arms, hackles raised, defending themselves and … dissing Obama even more. (While claiming the highly amusing “fair and balanced” bit. Well, it’s their mantra and they’re sticking to it!)

Barack Obama was elected despite FOX. That should say something to our thin-skinned commander in chief. Something like – turn the other cheek and … make yourself available to every “enemy” on Rupert Murdoch’s network. In Mr. wOw’s opinion the first thing Barack should have done, seconds after his Inauguration, was invite Sean Hannity to the Oval Office for a cozy one-on-one. No, Hannity’s enmity wouldn’t have thawed, but think of the fun Obama would have had, knowing Sean was just hating being in the room with him; still as a journalist summoned for an interview, Hannity had to do his duty.

Get over wanting everybody to love you, Mr. President. It can’t be done. After all, you don’t love everybody. Mr. wOw doubts you even like most of the media that has been so supportive. Adoration can breed contempt.

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