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Mr. Wow on the Rise and fall and Rise and … What? – of Sarah Palin
10:00 am | June 16, 2009

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Like a dog with a bone – that’s the media and Sarah Palin, and Mr. wOw fears that if misguided types like David Letterman, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews keep it up, that bone is going to be turned into the base for a perversely delicious soup – President Palin consommé!

Mr. wOw is no fan of Mrs. Palin and her brood, but the more she is attacked, the more airtime she gets; the more airtime she gets, the more she solidifies her hard-right base. Attempting to marginalize and mock her won’t work. It hasn’t since the moment she appeared and cattle-prodded John McCain’s campaign. Like Hillary Clinton, Mrs. Palin provokes a testicle-shrinking reaction in men. (Palin has replaced Hillary in turning Chris Matthews’s red face – redder. He and Olbermann just won’t accept her undeniable – if mysterious – popularity.)

Even though Palin went over the line herself in reacting to Letterman’s revolting jokes, Mr. wOw was impressed and amused. She did not back down or give Letterman one bit of room to make amends. She wagged her finger, she poked her finger, she rolled her eyes, she curled her lip. She was one mad mother. She had a right to be. And if her maternal anger benefits her own career, all the better from her point of view. After all, Bristol’s unwed-mama dilemma was magically transformed into a good thing, after “victim” Palin and the Republicans got through with it.

Here’s Mr. wOw’s advice to all who fear Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House in 2012. Shut up. Ignore her. Let her shoot a moose or decapitate a turkey or whatever in peace. Don’t call her a “slutty stewardess” in style choice. She is not, for one thing. For another – airline personnel should ban Letterman from another flight until he apologizes to them. And leave the kids alone. The more she is attacked and mocked the more sympathetic a figure she becomes. Don’t you guys get that? Sympathy is a powerful tool. (How many times did McCain end up referencing his terrible sojourn at the Hanoi Hilton?)

Mr. wOw has some advice for Mrs. Palin too – Shut up. Go back to Alaska and learn something. Stop rising to every bit of bait put in front of you. Act presidential, if that’s what you want to be. No more interviews, parades or appearances outside the frozen tundra for at least a year. Stop palin’ around with the media. Be smart and turn the other cheek. Bitch to Todd, but leave Wolf Blitzer out of it.

Will either side take Mr. wOw’s cautions to heart? Are you kidding? We’re talking the media and politicians here. It’s gonna be blah, blah, blah for the next three years. And in the end somebody’s going to have a Cheshire Cat grin. I’d bet the rent on Palin, alas.

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