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Interrogating Kate Gosselin and Rush Limbaugh
1:30 pm | November 5, 2009

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Mr. wOw weighs in on interrogators Natalie Morales vs. Chris Wallace.

Mr. wOw watched two interviews earlier this week. One was yet another sit-down on Fox News with Rush Limbaugh. His “interrogator” was Chris Wallace.

The other was Kate Gosselin’s TLC confessional – her Princess Diana moment, replete with tears and appropriate lighting. (Diana chose to allow some harshness, emphasizing her ravaged-victim-deer-in-the-headlights pose. Kate was softly lit, offsetting her bitch-on-wheels persona.)

The Limbaugh session was typical Fox softball. Chris Wallace was practically licking Limbaugh’s shoes. It was really just an excuse for Rush to vent on Obama – the president is trying to destroy the economy, “on purpose … he is a ‘man child,’ etc.” Through it, Wallace ducked his head, smiled and all but blushed, as Limbaugh swelled with vitriol. Keith Olbermann (I’m not a big fan, but sometimes he is useful) did a moment-by-moment replay that is classic. It is probably on YouTube right now.

The whole thing was fascinating, like watching the malevolent aliens arrive in “V,” and choose one clueless newsperson to become their PR outlet. (I’m thinking the fabulous ’80s miniseries “V,” not the bland, plotless travesty that is currently airing on ABC.)

Oh, and beyond anything Rush said, there was the sight of his bare ankles. Mr. wOw does not want to see any of Mr. Limbaugh’s flesh. Wear socks, and a tie. (That fleshy neck is no treat.) Look, it’s OK for FOX to be conservative. I don’t mind that. Just say it, and quit the “fair and balanced” routine.

Mrs. Gosselin, the infamous, driving ego of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” was interviewed by Natalie Morales. And I must say, Ms. Morales did not give much quarter to Kate. This was a relentless hour. Natalie was hard-eyed and not afraid to put Kate on the spot, over and over, in matters of exploiting her fecundity, the resulting brood and her own desire to be more than what she is – a woman with a crazy asymmetrical hairdo and an angry, insecure, fat, loser hubby. Morales even pulled out one of the worst tabloid cover stories on Kate and demanded to know how Kate felt about being called a “monster.” And right to the end of this interview, Morales kept asking, essentially – why not just quit showbiz and move ahead as a normal divorcee?

Guess what? Mrs. Gosselin went head-to-head. I was impressed with her composure, her obvious restraint in lacing into Jon, her well-thought-out replies. Although Kate has yet to explain, as far as I know, why exactly she signed on for a reality show after she learned she was carrying sextuplets (unless this is just ordinary 21st-century pathology?), she impressively explained that the genie was out of the bottle; no matter what she did, she’d now be followed everywhere, every decision overanalyzed by the tabs.

That she feels she was made for the limelight is obvious. And as for quitting public life: “What can I do, go back to being a nurse? That wouldn’t support the children.” She is addicted to the attention now, but she is being commonsensical stating that she’s in it, up to her neck, no turning back, and her basking in the glow will provide for the future of her children.

It was fascinating. Not so much Kate, and certainly not the shadow of her unfortunate soon-to-be-ex, but the quality of this interview. I haven’t seen such a sizzling grill in quite a while. If Natalie Morales can bring this aggressive stance to the idiocy that is Jon and Kate, I’d like to see her bounce it off … any politician. I rarely observe these guys and gals on either side of the fence have their feet put to the fire. The intelligent follow-up question, the determination to get a straight answer seems long gone.

Ms. Morales works for NBC. She replaces Meredith Vieira during the third hour of the “Today Show” and fills in for Ann Curry sometimes as an anchor. I have never noticed her before. Now she is on Mr.wOw’s radar!

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