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It’s the Abortion Issue, Stupid, by Mr. wOw
12:30 pm | November 9, 2009

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Mr. wOw talks health care.

There are so many distressing aspects to the Democrats caving in to anti-abortion forces fighting the health-care bill. Certainly the most distressing are the anti-abortion provisions written in to the bill, steps that go far beyond long-standing prohibitions against public funding for abortions – now, coverage for women wanting the procedure will be limited even for those paying for it without government subsidies. As Ezra Klein writes: “Abortion coverage will not be outlawed.  It will simply be tiered, reserved for those rich enough to afford insurance themselves or lucky enough to receive it from their employers.”

Thank you Mr. President for your jelly-like spine.

Mr. wOw voted for Mr. Obama. The prez has not been a disappointment. This was expected. Mr. wOw tossed away his rose-colored glasses many decades ago.

Nancy Pelosi spent a good deal of time on Friday and Saturday conferring with the League of Catholic Bishops. You know, so they could put their fine points on the matter. Really? Really? Excuse me, separation of church and state – I know I read about that somewhere. Oh, that’s right, in the Constitution. Eh, such an old document, why pay attention? Before anybody gets all exercised, this is not Catholic bashing – Mr. wOw has no use for any organized religion. And certainly no use for any religion having a scintilla of influence on government matters. 

Yes, I know, there can be talks between church and state, you just can’t favor one religion over another. Still, I don’t feel comfy with church chat anywhere but in church.

I love it when people say they “morally object” to abortion, and therefore none of their money should fund it, in any way. Hmm … Mr. wOw morally objects to war. His tax dollars support it. Mr. wOw really, really morally objects to the death penalty. His tax dollars support it. Should Mr. wOw re-think this paying taxes thing?

And on the matter of the death penalty, the Catholic Church has condemned it, right along with abortion, as “murder.” Did Ms. Pelosi promise the bishops to help eradicate the death penalty? I mean, there she was, and there were the bishops. What a wasted opportunity for Pelosi to negotiate with this sector of the American government.

You know what? The unemployment rate is higher than it’s been since 1983. Mr. wOw has grown weary of the health-care debate, especially as the Democrats are such scurrying mice, willing to water it down tragically. So forget the damn thing and get us some jobs. If you think you can manage it.

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