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Political Cover Stars? Spare Me! by Mr. wOw
3:30 am | November 18, 2009

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The president makes the cover of GQ – again – and Palin hits the cover of Newsweek running.

Barack Obama, again, a cover guy on GQ. Just as Mr. wOw felt it was not the right time for the lovely Michelle Obama to be displayed in vibrant red on the cover of Glamour, he sighs and rolls his eyes at yet another GQ magazine adoration of our president. Leader in Chief? You know, I’d rather have seen Hillary Clinton: Super Secretary of State, or something like that. Obama needs another glossy cover like he needs, well – another Glenn Beck. Does his staff not understand the problem, the appearance of utter narcissism? He’s the president; he easily could have gotten GQ Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson on the phone and said, “Thanks a lot, but no thanks this year. That’s an order.” Barack, I’m still on board, but please purchase a clue.

I guess Newsweek thought it was being cute by putting Sarah Palin on the cover posing in her running shorts? This shot is about a year old, something the athletic ex-Gov of Alaska did for Running World magazine. One might say, “Oh, it’s an inside joke about her ‘running’ for president in 2012.” Sure.

Image: Newsweek

Mr. wOw says it looks like what it is – an attempt to mock and marginalize her. Backfire! This works perfectly for Palin; another example of how she is mistreated, another opportunity to cry foul and rally her base. (She has already fired off tweets complaining about the “sexist” nature of the cover.)

Mr. wOw is no fan of Mrs. Palin. At all. Mr. wOw thinks she sounds certifiable at times. But the Left never seems to get it right. Palin can never be embarrassed, only “persecuted” and further adored by her fans.

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