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Mr. wOw: Fire George Stephanopoulos
1:15 pm | January 12, 2010

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Should the newest addition to ‘Good Morning America’ be shown the door for not grilling Rudy Giuliani on his terrorism response?

Last Friday, Mr. wOw had the onerous task of taking down his Christmas tree. For those of you brave enough to have taken a gander at my Christmas bordello, you know that was no easy task. However, as Mr. wOw dismantled the holiday excess that morning, he happened to glance over at the TV. There was former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, being interviewed on “Good Morning America” by George Stephanopoulos. Within minutes my head began to throb and I sat down on the floor, covered in wayward tinsel. I was in a rage. I ran upstairs and wrote furiously. Too furiously. Something went wrong in transmission and my rant never arrived at the wOw offices. But, even though we are now embroiled in the latest political hoo-ha – Harry Reid’s unfortunate gaffe – Mr. wOw is still tingling over Rudy and George. And so, late though it is, here it is. I’ll feel better knowing it’s out there:

Mr. wOw doesn’t believe in calling for people to be fired. Chastised, embarrassed, put on leave, sure. But losing a job in today’s market is no small thing. So we always try to control our baser instinct to scream, “Kill the bum!” and employ the hook.

But Mr. wOw is only human. And George Stephanopoulos’s performance on “Good Morning America” deserves the harshest punishment. This fool has plucked my very last nerve.

Georgie-boy has always been just that – a boy with a winsome mop-top. Used to be Clinton’s boy, turned on his former boss and became anybody’s boy.

Right now he belongs to Rudy Giuliani. Georgie grabbed his ankles during an interview and allowed Giuliani to say, with a grim straight face, “There were no domestic attacks under Bush. We’ve had one with Obama.”

Hmm … the September 11, 2001, attacks happened while George W. Bush was president. Not certain of much in this old world, but I remember that. Also, it later came out that intelligence warnings surrounding the attack – delivered to Bush/Cheney – were flawed and ignored. And then there was anthrax and Richard Reid the Shoe Bomber. And Bush never caught Osama Bin Laden. All this skipped Rudy’s mind.

But, you know, he’s a busy, much-despised ex-mayor of New York. How much can he be expected to retain on a daily basis? Mr. wOw himself is famously forgetful. I have empathy.

Mr. Stephanopoulos was therefore required to step into the breach like a good reporter and remind Mr. Giuliani – oh, so gently, oh so respectfully – that he is a teeny bit off, fact-wise. Georgie did no such thing. Perhaps the blood was rushing to his head, what with that hand-to-ankle pose. He allowed Giuliani to forge ahead, to lie. Georgie knew these were lies. He allowed it. He is an irresponsible hack and poser who deserves to be shown the door of the ABC-TV studio. Out on his ass accompanied by two guards. (Extreme? Come on, you’ve seen my Christmas tree. Mr. wOw is a volatile guy.)

Giuliani later explained on CNN that he’d “forgot a word” and that’s why he was “misunderstood.” (Hmm … if only Harry Reid had forgotten the word “negro!”)

But no matter what the unpopular Giuliani says – please recall he had only two good weeks after 9/11, the rest of his reign was a nightmare – the real fault is Georgie’s.

This was an excruciating example of why journalism – TV journalism in particular – is down the drain. Utterly unprofessional; a disgrace even to the standards of “GMA.”

Fire George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos himself issued an apology, but Mr. wOw was unmoved. You’re an idiot, Georgie.

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