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Mr. wOw: Obama Talks … Republicans Listen and Learn?
8:30 pm | January 30, 2010

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President Obama addresses the House Republicans

If you’re a staunch Democratic pundit (hello MSNBC!), you think President Obama did just dandy during his tit for tat with the opposing team the other day, finally showing some gumption.

If you are a fervid Conservative talking head (Howdy FOX News!), you thought he was just terrible, and shown up by for what he is.

But if you are from the planet Earth, what was really going on for almost two hours? The Republicans condescending and lecturing Obama; the president condescending and lecturing the Republicans. Nobody walked away with a whit of perspective or any intention of real bipartisanship. It was an exercise in futility.

Mr. wOw cringed for both sides. The Republicans were disdainful in their “talking point” questions. The president was weary and royally piqued. Worse still, the Republicans had their questions prepared — literally written out. The president had to listen, and attempt then to distill the “facts,” on his feet and extemporaneously. This is not Obama’s forte. Mr. wOw has never, ever cared for Obama’s lawyerly, thoughtful, slow manner of speaking. (His speeches have more of a gallop.)

The president comes off hesitant and evasive. In this instance, he literally seemed to lose track several times. He was trying to think out his responses — an admirable trait in a world of thoughtless babble, I grant you — but his pausing and careful phrasing translates poorly. It didn’t inspire Mr. wOw with confidence, and if somebody who voted for him feels that way …

It also seemed somehow undignified and desperate to defend his policies in this manner — and pointless. Surely he knows by now there’s no hope for bipartisanship. The other side loathes him, is horrified by his presidency and cannot believe he actually inhabits the White House. He gets a high grade for televising this session, an A-plus, but to Mr. wOw it was stagnant hot air on both sides. And I cannot believe that in his heart — and his very smart brain — Obama doesn’t know that. This was just a show for his supporters.

For dyed-in-the-wool Democrats and Republicans, the event — which I don’t recall the likes of in my lifetime — was fruitful. Each side can go to their constituents and say, “See? See what they’re like?”

Cool. But what about the rest of us? We “see” as well. What we see are politicians who don’t much give a damn, except for who’s taking or losing what seat in the next election.

Oh, and one memo to President Obama — Stop talking about being a “good” one-term president, rather than a bad two-term Commander in Chief!  Geez! It’s only been a year. No matter how depressed some of us might be, let’s not put the cart before horse. Mr. wOw does not want a Republican in the White House in 2012.

This kind of weak talk fuels … the horror of a Palin presidency. Or Mitt Romney. (Re: Mr. Romney, I have nothing against cult leaders, but that said, I don’t want to see Tom Cruise as president either, as much as Mr. wOw enjoys those “Mission Impossible” movies.)

Try, for us, President Obama, to act like you’re hot for an eight-year run.

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