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Mr. wOw’s Golden Globe Wishes
10:00 pm | January 16, 2010

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Mr. wOw is very happy he is not required to cover the 67th Annual Hollywood Foreign Press Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood.

Mr. W has been there, done that, and quite a few times over. But, it isn’t ennui that’s keeping him home. I’m down with a vicious cold. Attending any function, even one held across the street would reveal a dismayingly red-eyed, coughing, sneezing, slightly feverish and very deep-voiced Mr. wOw. (The only plus side to my cold—I sound really butch for the duration.) Stars gathered at the Beverly Hilton wouldn’t be amused by my ravaged condition as I inched in for a quote, or to pay a compliment, or ask for the breath of life as my throat closed up.

It’s so much better for all concerned to sit here in my fluffy old white terry-cloth robe, sipping tea, free to be stringy-haired, unshaven, perched in front of the TV. Glamour!

Maybe I’ll feel better by the time I have to dish people on the red carpet.

Now, as to the awards … I’ll tell you all who I want to win. This will have nothing to do with “best” anything, or tremendous insights as to individual performances or movies. What — go read Film Comment if insight is your pleasure. These are purely personal choices, and not open to argument. Mr. wOw is like Lana Turner: He wants what he wants when he wants it, and he wants what he wants right away. (That was a nifty personal philosophy until, oh, around age forty. Not for Lana. It was Mr. wOw who had to get real.) Also, not listing all the nominees in every category because … I can barely sit up at this point!

So this what I want:

Best Picture:

“Inglorious Basterds.” I think “Precious” (simply too unrelenting!) or “Avatar” (I want real actors!) might actually take it, but Mr. wOw loved those “Basterds”!

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture Drama:

Helen Mirren, “The Last Station.” It’s brilliant work, an actor’s dream role.  Who might get it? Sandra Bullock, charming but no great shakes in “The Blind Side,” or Gabourney Sidibe for “Precious.” Sidibe gives an astonishingly brave performance. I just wish I could have connected more to the film.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture Drama:

Jeff Bridges “Crazy Heart.” He’s genuinely terrific in this film. He is and one of the most criminally under-rated and under-honored actors around. Period. I want to see him with a Globe and an Oscar.

Best Motion Picture — Comedy or Musical:

Rob Marshall’s “Nine.” It’s not perfect, but I loved so much of it I’m giving the flaws a pass. However, I wouldn’t cry if “(500) Days of Summer” took the award.  I would weep if “Julie & Julia” was honored.

Best Performance by an Actress — Comedy or Musical:

Marion Cotillard for “Nine.” She’s superb. Also, she’s not Meryl Streep who is nominated twice in this category, for “It’s Complicated” and “Julie & Julia.” (Though I must say, Meryl is wonderful doing her impersonation of Dan Aykroyd impersonating Julia Child. Clever.)  But … I’m prepared for Sandra Bullock, silly in “The Proposal,” to take the Globe. She’s this year’s It Girl Resurrected, popular and well-respected in the industry.

Best Performance by an Actor — Comedy or Musical:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt for “(500) Days of Summer.” I’ve liked him since his “3rd Rock From the Sun” days, and he was just sensational on “Saturday Night Live” a few months back. He’s my guy in this category. Even though I love Matt Damon in … anything.

Best Supporting Actress:

I want Julianne Moore in “A Single Man.” Like Mr. Bridges, I feel Miss Moore is underrated and under-honored. However, there’s good chance that Mo’Nique, the epically monstrous mother of “Precious,” will take it.

Best Supporting Actor:

Hands down it has to be Christoph Waltz as the Nazi commander of “Inglorious Basterds.” No contest. And no contest for the Oscar, either. However, I love all the guys here—Matt Damon, Stanley Tucci, Christopher Plummer (truly great in “The Last Station”) and Woody Harrelson. But, I stand by Mr. Waltz.

Best Director:

Mr. Quentin Tarantino for “Basterds.” I don’t always love, or even like, Mr. T’s work. But this one grabbed me and hasn’t let go. If it goes to James Cameron for “Avatar,” I’ll be … very bitchy about it. There is a fine woman, Kathryn Bigelow, nominated for “The Hurt Locker.” I’d accept her, too. Very good film. And she’s not James Cameron.

Well, we haven’t even started on the TV nominations. Perhaps tomorrow. (I’m posting this on Saturday night). Mr. wOw needs a bit more of that soothing cough syrup, which seems to spark LSD flashbacks. I don’t know what the hell’s in this stuff, but it’s … well, award-worthy!

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