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Who Does Christopher Meloni Have to Sleep With to Get an Award?
12:30 pm | January 27, 2010

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Christopher Meloni/Image: CC/Mirka23/Flickr

Who does Christopher Meloni have to sleep with to get an award?

Since 1994, this guy has acted his hot ass off, most notably in HBO’s “Oz” and NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” He’s done plenty else, including a few comedy roles. (In real life, he is nothing at all like his famously intense “Oz” and “L & O” characters. He’s a riot.)

But in all this time, only once has he been Emmy-nominated — in 2006 for “L & O.” No offense to his co-star, Mariska Hargitay, who is a doll and a very talented actor, but how has she racked up one Emmy and three nominations along with a bunch of SAG nominations? Meloni has given blood, sweat and tears to his art. (Anybody see the episode with Ellen Burstyn as his bipolar mom?) What’s the problem here? Too sexy for his own good?

Yes, Mr. wOw has interviewed Mr. Meloni. Yes, he is “all that.” And more. (Before acting he toiled as a construction worker, bouncer, bartender and personal trainer.) So … sue me. Charisma aside, Meloni is also criminally underrated and shockingly un-honored.

I want this injustice to end.

And if it does, Mr. wOw won’t expect Mr. Meloni to leave his beautiful wife and two children. A hearty, manly handshake will be thanks enough.


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