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Glenn Beck Speaks; Mr. wOw Shudders
4:00 am | February 22, 2010

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Talking to a crowd of frenzied Conservatives Saturday, Glenn Beck didn’t suggest a “final solution” to rid America of progressives, but he came pretty close.

Mr. W. didn’t think he could be any more depressed than he was last year when Rush Limbaugh spoke at CPAC. (Remember Rush, fat and repulsive, bouncing up and down at the podium?) But Beck brought me to a cellar beneath the cellar. A subterranean level of dread. There is something particularly disturbing in the intensity of Beck’s rhetoric. Oh, why dance around it? This appearance could be put side-by-side with one of Hitler’s early speeches.

Yeah, I know, we’re not supposed to ever compare anybody to Hitler. (Except if you’re a Republican talking about Obama.) Why not? Why not say it? I got a cold chill watching this TV and radio pundit, this “harmless clown” — as his detractors try to tell us that’s all he is — whip himself and his audience into some sort of mass hypnotic trance. Mr. wOw has perused enough History Channel documentaries about World War II to recognize an address from the Reich Commander. Hitler did just what Beck is doing now, criticizing like-minded types to “reform,” re-capture their strength and pride — only then can they rule.

Beck has used the most damaging and ugly and inflammatory language about the president. Tit for tat, I say, for those of you now blanching at my language. I know it’s extreme. It is meant to be. And I mean every word of it. Beck is a truly dangerous man. He works for a truly dangerous “media outlet” — an outlet that seeks to control the United States in exactly the same way they insist Obama and his “czars” plan to. Only, of course, their dictatorship will be true-blue American, Christian, heterosexual and white, white, white.

Beck peppered his political remarks with a lot of icky personal references, especially about his drinking problems. As someone who has struggled with liquor himself, Mr. wOw thinks Mr. Beck is a disgrace to drunks — active, recovered or not-yet-at-the-bar.

Bevare! As Bela Lugosi used to say. Our necks are on the line.

P.S. Mr. wOw is friendly with a number of conservatives, and he likes many of the obvious conservative readers here on wOw. My remarks above are about Mr. Beck. As far as I am concerned we need to be ever vigilant to madness. Because it can happen again. (I know, I know — you Republicans are gonna write in and say, “Yes! It can, it has! Obama’s in the White House!”)

Watch Glenn Beck speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (via CNN).

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