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Mr wOw: Tiger – The Apology (Don’t Worry, We Won’t Linger)
3:45 pm | February 19, 2010

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Mr. Woods is lucky. In repose, his face is almost always rather sad and somber looking. So that face served his televised mea culpa well. Mr. wOw doesn’t live inside Tiger’s head and can’t gauge his “sincerity.” He sure looked and sounded sorry. Why he was sorry, I can’t say.

I don’t think he’s a terribly complex personality.

I was glad, however, that he came to his wife’s defense in the matter of beating him so badly with a golf club that he needed reconstructive surgery (and two front teeth replaced). Cheating is one thing, beating is another, and the idea that Elin Woods was “justified” in perhaps almost killing her husband was no joke. Though it has been treated as such.

So, let’s all move forward. I believe the earth continues on its axis.

P.S.  Gloria Allred, stop defending porn actresses who want an “apology” from Mr. Woods. You are a shameless opportunist. Shut up.
(Mr. wOw has more to say about Gloria, but the first draft of this post came back with a note asking to tone it down — “a wee bit harsh” we were. So … I’ll bide my time and bite my tongue.) 

ONE MORE THING: If nothing else came from Tiger’s press conference, at least now we know how to properly pronounce Elin’s name!

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