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12:00 pm | April 13, 2010

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Thoughts on the adopted mother who returned her Russian orphan son

We are all aware of the terrible story of the “dangerous” Russian orphan who was adopted by Americans and then sent back to Russia – alone on a plane. According to the adoptive family the child was violent and unmanageable and even threatened to burn down the house.

Hmmmm … you know, this sounds an awful lot like last year’s thriller, “Orphan.” Russian foundling adopted by Americans, turns out to be a killer and so much more (I won’t give away the film’s secret). The orphan in the film even has a penchant for burning down houses.

Now, I’m not claiming that this American family embellished or invented their own tale based on a movie – after deciding they couldn’t deal with the kid – but I have to admit it’s the first thing that came to Mr. wOw’s mind; the similarity between this unhappy true story and a recent film. But as you already know, Mr. wOw is nothing if not cynical.

In any case, putting a little child alone on a plane all the way back to Russian was simply outrageous. (He had a note from Mommie Dearest saying she didn’t want him anymore.) Who knows what might have happened to him at the Russian airport? Kidnapped, killed. Geez!

Mr. wOw will be interested to see how this matter shakes down. And maybe somebody should check Mommie’s Netflix rentals.

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