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Mr. wOw Braces Himself for Bushbookmania
3:00 pm | April 29, 2010

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The Bush bashing has already begun in anticipation of Laura Bush’s new memoir Spoken From The Heart and George W. Bush’s Decision Points

Mr. wOw was half-assedly watching Keith Olbermann the other night. He trotted out the usual drama queen pontifications that have worn the welcome off this observer’s mat. I kept switching to a show about ants — amazing creatures! Even though I feel Keith is on the right side (the left side) his tricks are stale. And he is as rigorously partisan as the worst of Rupert Murdoch’s Foxies. Of course, Keith doesn’t pretend to be “fair and balanced.” So, at least he’s not a hypocrite.

But — after watching those ants move a rubber tree plant — Mr. W’s ears perked up when Keith began a vein of snark about Laura Bush’s new memoir Spoken from the Heart He dished Laura’s spin/defense of her husband’s reaction to Hurricane Katrina. As if she would say anything else. I’m sure Laura feels — as all First Ladies do — that their husbands are essentially good men who are badly treated by their political adversaries and misunderstood by the press (in fact, that’s what the presidents themselves feel — none of them leave the White House with a sense that they have been appreciated, or that their policies were fully grasped. That’s why they write autobiographies).

However, Keith then turned to the tragic story of Laura’s auto accident when she was teenager — she drove through a stop sign and hit another car. The driver of the other vehicle, a good friend of Laura’s, was killed. This incident is well known and hardly needs to be dissected or pondered by the likes of Mr. Olbermann. But ponder he did, and though it was a brief “examination” of the traumatic event, Mr. wOw felt he needed a shower after listening.  I wondered what the point was. Just more Bush bashing, I guess, and let’s just use young Laura’s accident to spice up the segment.

Mrs. Bush’s book has been well-reviewed, the first half of it, anyway — her childhood, adolescence, the early years with George, raising a family. The second part, after her hubby was propelled to political power and then the presidency are what we expect of all First Lady memoirs — bland and defensive. I don’t fault Mrs. Bush, whom I always found to be charming and rather sexy. Only in our wildest dreams do we imagine a former First Lady will write a scathing tell-all, criticizing the hubby, coming forward to challenge what he said and did during four or eight years.

Keith should save up his bile for Bush himself. The former president’s own story, Decision Points, will be hitting bookshelves pretty soon and that event will no doubt effectively wipe out regular programming on MSNBC for a week, as Chris, Keith and Rachel tell us nightly what a monster and a liar George W. Bush was and is. (At least MSNBC has Joe Scarborough on in the morning — a three hour block of time hosted by a conservative. And Mika Brezinski — whatever she is. I am often repelled by the show’s frat-boy atmosphere, but all who appear on the show seem to get caught up in it.)

Mr. Wow will, natch, watch some of the coming Bushbookmania. I’m sure (pretty sure) Ms. Maddow will present the least hysterical programming. When Keith and Chris start going red in the face, and hyperventilating I’ll jump to something about fish or birds or dinosaurs. Or alien visitations in ancient times. I know Bush was wrong about so much, but I can’t endure being told it over and over again. It’s boring. It’s like turning on Fox and listening to Obama being dished from morning to night. Surely, even people who dislike Obama must get tired of that, yes?

Okay — sensible people who dislike Obama must get tired of that.

Yes of course I’ll read George W. Bush’s memoir. And I’ll give it a fair shake. I’m very glad his presidency is over, but I’m fascinated to know how he looks at it.

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