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Mr. wOw on Joy Behar, ‘Jersey Shore’ and Laura Bush
12:45 pm | May 17, 2010

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Joy Behar Photo © Nick Stepowyj via Flickr/Laura Bush © Shutterstock

Mr. wOw fell into the Joy Behar show the other night. Behar, the braying “comic” who brings her high-decibel opinions to “The View” every day, also has her own hour-long experiment in terror on HLN.

Behar was interviewing Food Network cutie Rachael Ray. Miss Ray was charming. Joy peppered Rachael with questions about current events, coming down hard on MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” Behar is Italian and she just hates “Jersey Shore.” Rachael Ray is Italian and shrugs it off. She pointed out that the cast are just a bunch of kids picked up by MTV and put out there. The public has made them successful, and she, Rachael, accepts that stuff like “Jersey Shore” is out there, to talk about, rag on, whatever. That’s entertainment today. She was realistic.

Behar went on, as she is wont — what a disgrace the show is to Italians, blah, blah. Oh, please. How does Joy see herself, I wonder? Does she imagine herself as an elegant Elsa Peretti-type Italian? Wake up and smell the puttanesca sauce! Joy is big, blowsy, coarse and mean-spirited. (That’s just her comic irreverence, she’d argue.) I don’t think she’s a mental heavyweight but perhaps that is because she reminds me so much of … Chris Matthews.

She doesn’t have youth to fall back on, either, as do the “Jersey Shore” idiots. I also wonder what Behar thought about “The Sopranos.” Is it better for Italians to be typecast as killers — or tanning-booth trash? And does anybody really think all Italians are like these TV goombas? Mr. wOw doesn’t, and he is Italian on his mother’s side. (Irish on my father’s, but I never knew him, so I gravitated more toward the Tuscan sun than to fields of clover.)

I switched Joy off and watched five minutes of “Collateral Damage” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which I’d never seen. I turned back to Behar after somebody was executed by inserting a live snake down their throat.

Now, I find Behar sitting with three obnoxious nobodies — comics, I guess — and they were riffing on various subjects. (Chelsea Handler does this much better!)

The topic turned to Laura Bush and her statements on “Larry King” recently that she supports gay marriage and believes in a woman’s right to choose. Well, Miss Behar and her cohorts all got their panties in a great big twist. Instead of giving the former First Lady some credit – these are bold statements – they went down the road of, “Why didn’t she say it then? … It’s not enough … She’s no help … Why didn’t she divorce him … etc.” All parsed in the unforgiving loud language of comedians, all mocking her. I found myself wondering where I could find a few good snakes.

And you know what? Even though Mr. wOw thinks it would have been something pretty terrific for Mrs. Bush to reveal herself during the eight years her husband was in office, I am sure she had her reasons: the Big W., her hubby and the powers at the Republican Party, perhaps? First Ladies do not tend to openly disagree on such vital matters in public. It’s not done.

So, I, for one, am very glad Mrs. Bush came down on the right (Left) side on these two tremendously important and polarizing issues. (Just last week the pope declared gay marriage “insidious.”) And I hated the behavior of these “comedians.” I know I’m supposed to have a sense of humor, and this was all in fun. But … maybe Mr. wOw is getting too old to find the fun in everything.

One last thought. Why haven’t Mrs. Bush’s remarks made a bigger wave, been covered more? No, I don’t mean by Fox News – Their pundits are hilariously pretending she never said any of it. (Although FOX’s Chris Wallace interviewed Mrs. Bush this past Sunday. He  brought up her surprising viewpoints but did not vilify or challenge her.)
I expected more coverage from MSNBC. Then again, it might have only encouraged a boring round of Bush-bashing. (Mr. wOw couldn’t have been more scathing and negative while W. was in office. But he’s gone. Let’s switch the dial.)

Anyway, my hat is off to Mrs. Bush. Late or not – and is it ever too late to stand up for what’s right? Mr. wOw appreciates the lady’s obvious sincerity.

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