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Mr. wOw Builds a Head of Steam Over ‘The Mosque Issue’
4:45 pm | August 19, 2010

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I am appalled as each passing day brings new headlines and nonstop cable bloviating on the “mosque issue.” A total waste of time, the new wedge topic that means nothing to anybody outside the state and city of New York. (Or do you think the people still suffering on the Gulf Coast, for instance, care about a mosque that is not even in sight of Ground Zero? Or even one that was? Please!)

I am even more appalled that Barack Obama did not say this, weeks ago: “This is a local issue, not a federal issue. Please direct your questions to the Mayor of New York City, Mr. Bloomberg, who supports the building of the mosque. I have millions of unemployed Americans to think about. Thank you.”

And then he should have stuck to his guns and never made another damn statement. He should have turned it continually back to Bloomberg.

Certainly, Obama’s decision to make a fulsome mosque statement and then blink has not been a wild success.

I think Obama gets more crap thrown at him than any other American president … ever. Crap that verges on the seditious and treasonous. And yes, yes, yes … much of it is racist. Go ahead, tell me how wrong I am.

On the other hand – he doesn’t do himself favors most of the time. There is an air of floundering that is incredibly upsetting to those of us who voted for him, and sure don’t want a Republican in the White House two years from now.

Somebody, please – grab the oars, get rid of Robert Gibbs, stop reacting to cable news, and by the way – I don’t begrudge anybody a vacation, but you know what, somebody should have told Michelle, “Now’s not the time for Spain.”

I want Mr. Obama to be my president until 2016. I’ll help him if he helps himself.

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