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6:00 pm | August 29, 2010

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From the red carpet to the last award of the night, tune in here to comment alongside Mr. wOw.

OK … Mr. wOw can’t say he’s seen every episode of every series/sitcom nominated this year – or the actors therein. He has seen at least one of each.

Well, in the case of “Lost” he saw three episodes during the first season, and then got confused and … lost. So I have no idea if the very hot Matthew Fox or Mr. Terry O’Quinn deserve their nods for “Lost.” Mr. Fox is a wonderful actor and has wonderful forearms. For my money, give him an award.

Mr. wOw spends a good deal of his time on the History Channel or the great Smithsonian Channel or PBS or programs about the wonders of coral reefs. Also, he tends to allow his blood pressure to rise each night from eight to ten o’clock watching MSNBC, CNN and FOX, furiously switching from asshole to asshole. And then there are those “Law & Order” marathons, re-runs of “Roseanne,” “The Nanny” and “Golden Girls.” (Hey – I’m almost 58, I like that stuff.)

Still, there’s always “True Blood,” “Hung,” “Dexter,” “The Big C,” “The United States of Tara” and other offerings from either HBO or Showtime. (And I’m loving the new series on Starz – “Pillars of the Earth.”)

If I can calm down from Keith or Bill, I surrender to “Royal Pains” and “Burn Notice.” (Steaming-hot leading men in both shows.)

But sometimes the terrible cutesy voices and bits of business offered by the otherwise fabulous Rachel Maddow make me turn to one of my many cable movie stations to look for a good slasher movie.

Mr. wOw also catches “Degrassi.” Yes, yes – I’m a big perv! Sue me.

But you know and I know I’m not here to give a serious critique of the TV season. I’m watching the red carpet and the Emmy telecast itself to see who falls out of her dress, who makes a pompous fool of himself (or falls out of his pants) and who moves me to take my tongue out of my cheek and sincerely raise a toast to hardworking actors.

Yes, it’s hard work. It ain’t all glamour and the cover of UsWeekly.

So let’s gird our loins and see who comes out on top, Emmy night, 2010.

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