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Mr. wOw and the Pastor
11:30 am | September 10, 2010

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Mr. wOw’s take on Koran-burning Florida minister: “Arrest him!”

No, no, no! The title to this piece might mislead some of you who are up on Mr. wOw’s sordid past. Another time for that, children.

I’m speaking of the publicity-mad, certifiably insane “pastor” who wants to burn Korans because he objects to the planned NYC community center/mosque, which is too close for comfort to Ground Zero. 

Folks—this is what excessive media coverage and hysteria have wrought. One ill-educated, boorish, fame-whorish man can cause international tension. He can grab the attention of not just the media—not a difficult task, I grant you—but most horribly and humiliatingly, he can force the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, a great general, and the President of the United States to please, pretty please, don’t burn any books. Please with a cherry on top?

Huh?  I thought I’d lost my mind when I saw President Obama on TV, meekly advising the pastor to “think” about what his action might bring about: putting our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq in danger. (Indeed, putting many Americans in danger, since radical Muslims will use any excuse to revile the U.S. as the Great Satan. Even if they know it’s just one nutcase, acting out.)

Excuse me?  I am sorry, and I know this will flout First Amendment rights and other legalities, but Mr. wOw says—arrest his ass. Now. Not at the burning. Right now. Today. (The pastor is flip-flopping and lying all over the place. Yesterday he said he wouldn’t set any books aflame, then he said “maybe.”  The story is morphing hour by hour, covered 24/7 by the news outlets. I say: a nice chilly cell in the middle of nowhere for you, buster.)

I don’t care what law has to be twisted or ignored. Put him in jail and put the (real) fear of God into him. Lives are at stake. Surely, deliberately putting our fighting men and women in harm’s way has got to count for something. The very fact the Obama administration—that the Commander in Chief himself—had to kowtow to this lunatic is beyond belief. What kind of a message does that send?  

So now we know: if you want to chat with, or be recognized by, the Obama administration, just threaten to burn a Koran. 

This was one time (one of many, in Mr. wOw’s opinion) that President Obama’s timorous, lawyerly attitude just wasn’t appropriate. Again—I know it would probably be “illegal,” but at least it would be something. It is wartime, after all. If Bush could use war as an excuse for all his illegal peccadilloes…

I stand back and expect a deluge of criticism and outrage, but that’s my story, morning glory.

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