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Mr. wOw on the Failure of Satire: Stephen Colbert Sinks the Dems For Sure
4:45 pm | September 27, 2010

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Stephen Colbert/Photo courtesy of Robin Platzer/Twin Images

Wrong media outlet, Colbert …

There are not too many openly conservative comedians, but let me ask you: How many of those – let’s say Dennis Miller – would have appeared in front of Congress, in comical character, to address the serious issue of immigration. Or any issue for that matter. Correct. Not one. Sure, there are comical figures on the GOP side – Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Beck – but they function as fearsome rabble-rousers. They are taken in deadly earnest by millions. Mr. Beck would never appear in front of Congress with his infamous blackboard.

Why then would Mr. Colbert misuse the bully pulpit of his own influence and destroy valid and serious points about the immigration issue by presenting himself as the fictional right-wing newscaster he portrays (supposedly based on Bill O’Reilly)? Colbert, like Jon Stewart, is a supremely intelligent guy. And he supposedly leans toward the left. But after his performance in Washington, I wonder – has it all been a setup leading to this? Is Colbert really a right-wing partisan? Did he lead us all down the garden path to this moment, just weeks before a crucial election, to showcase just how feeble and wrong-minded Democrats are?

Keith Olbermann loved it. Enough said. This is a man who reads chapters from James Thurber novels on air, for agonizingly long stretches. Olbermann jumped the shark so long ago. He is ridiculous.

The worst part of this dreadful miscalculation was Colbert’s serious address to the issue of immigration, which was overlooked in his desire for satire. Should Congress be held up for ridicule? Sure! But Colbert has an outlet for that. It’s called his TV show, watched by millions. Appearing in front of Congress is a serious thing. No matter how let down you feel by the system, or how contemptuous you are of particular (or all!) members of Congress, that venue deserves respect.

Mr. Colbert would have made a much stronger point by appearing as himself (whatever or whoever that is) and speaking plainly and directly to the issue. He might have cracked a joke or two, or conveyed his contempt by his tone, but this routine was a failure.

Of course, there was worse to come. Nancy Pelosi, a vision in red, wearing her omnipresent beads, was caught while drifting through the halls of Congress. In her whispery baby voice, she asserted that Mr. Colbert was “an American … he has a point of view … he can bring attention to an important issue like immigration. I think it’s great.” This woman is an idiot. As is Harry Reid. Maybe we will all be better off when (not if!) the GOP sweeps the House and Senate in November.

I cannot believe Barack Obama was happy with this stunt. If asked I’m sure he’ll parse his words carefully on Colbert. But I’m also sure he saw his future – an even more grueling uphill battle; fighting savage Republicans as well as the fools who claim to represent and support his values, his hopes – his vital second term.

Mr. wOw will not go to Washington. He’s going to have a great big margarita. Then he will go to sleep and hope that when he wakes up, there’s better news.

A BRIEF P.S/New Subject: And if you are wondering what Mr. wOw thinks of Ann Coulter’s recent rally in front of “conservative” gays during which she chided them on wanting the right to marry … well, I could write reams (suggestive pun intended).

But why criticize her?! What you see and hear is what you get. I aim my disdain at any homosexual who allowed him or herself to be abused by Coulter’s presence and remarks. These people are so self-loathing as to be useless as human beings. Better to go back into the closet. Way back. Behind the Christmas ornaments and those crappy gifts from Aunt Edna.

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