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Mr. wOw Ponders the Ineffective Battering of Sarah Palin
1:15 pm | September 8, 2010

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Mr. wOw picked up the latest issue of Vanity Fair with some enthusiasm. There she was, Miss Lindsay Lohan, on the cover – demure, boring. And inside, still demure-ish – not that I need to see more of her freckly overexposed body. She defends herself. Please. Just get some proper management and make good movies. And for God’s sake, go back to auburn!

The real meat of VF is the Michael Joseph Gross piece on Sarah Palin, who should have been the cover girl for the issue. What do we learn? Nothing. Oh, wait – not quite true.

This article is like biographies on Marilyn and Judy and Jim Morrison and Elvis and Janis and Liz. After a certain point, there is no point. It all comes down to more of what we know or assume. In the case of the above mentioned, it is more drugs, more drink, more material excess, more pathetic insecurity.

In the case of Mrs. Palin it is simply more ignorance, paranoia, megalomania, lying, lying, lying. What – we didn’t know all this? Michael Joseph Gross gives us more, more, more of Mrs. Palin’s assumed faults. My eyes glazed over. Who cares? The readers of Vanity Fair sure won’t be voting for her as she announces her intention to run for President in 2012. This profile would be big news if you were from Mars, and had never heard of Mrs.Palin.

So, just another liberal attack on Alaska’s stressed out ex governor?

Yeah, but … Mr. Gross had to yap on and on about how he “left the worst stuff out!” Oh, please – we get it. She’s bad.

But then, he had to fess up to an error in his reporting! Something about confusing one Down-syndrome child with another, a child in the care of Mrs. Palin’s daughter, Piper, at some public event. As it turns out, Piper was not parading her baby brother, Trigg, but another handicapped child. Palin’s people say Gross knew he was making an error, but went right ahead for effect.

Gross admits his error.

Mr.wOw says – IDIOT! Not only did you write a pointless slag on Palin – as if it makes the slightest difference at this point – you made a huge mistake. And you made it in the area Mrs. Palin loves to exploit – her dear, defenseless, deer-in-the-headlights children. (“Mommy, why won’t you turn off those headlights?”)

So, the Right now has every good reason to pounce on all aspects of Mr. Gross’s exposé and rip it a new one. Thank you, Michael Joseph Gross. You have not helped.

Memo to … everybody: Mrs. Palin cannot be defeated. Do not attempt to “reveal” her. She is beyond Revelation. Let it alone. Admit defeat. Move on and do not make her more powerful by your attentions and insults. Wait till she’s running in 2012. And then – think of something new. Please.

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