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Mr. wOw Waits for Anderson Cooper and GLAAD to ‘Man Up’ and Confront Willow Palin
3:58 pm | November 22, 2010

Author: Mr. Wow | Category: Point of View | Comments: 19

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Is Willow Palin homophobic or just ‘an ignorant teenager’?

Several weeks back, CNN’s Mr. Anderson Cooper and GLAAD (the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) got together to condemn Vince Vaughn and Universal Pictures because there’s a line in Vince’s coming bomb, “The Dilemma,” about electric cars being ”so gay.”

Mr. Wow was not offended, but Mr. Cooper was, and he put pressure on Universal Pictures to take the line out of the trailer (but not the movie itself.) Prior to this incident, and immediately after, Mr. Cooper did some excellent coverage on the bullying of gay children and teens – bullying that has sometimes led these kids to commit suicide. Good for him. He needs to say other things, but I assume he has his reasons for being so dainty.

Now, along comes 16 year-old Willow Palin, one of Sarah Palin’s children. Young Willow took to Facebook on the night her mother’s riveting reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” debuted. When one young man – a teen – criticized the show, little Willow called him “jealous” of her family’s success and a “faggot.” She also determined that others who didn’t love her mom’s show were “low life losers.”

Now, I ask – where is CNN’s Silver Fox? Where is GLAAD? Is Willow really homophobic or just an ignorant teenager who has been raised on instant, thoughtless communication and has no skills to respond intelligently to an opposing viewpoint? I don’t care. But if a foolish line in a foolish comedy could get Anderson up off his ass and cause GLAAD to fuss, the hurtful words of the daughter of a potential candidate for the presidency of the United States need to be addressed.

Unless … CNN and GLAAD are simply afraid of Mrs. Palin? She does have a miraculous way of turning everything around – she is always the perennial victim. And her children – even the pregnant and unmarried ones, or the go-to-Iraq-or-jail ones, or the bitchy little Facebook ranters – are sacrosanct.

Tick-tock, Anderson and GLAAD.

  • Lila Kuh

    Mr. Wow, I think the latter: Willow is an ignorant teenager raised on instant, thoughtless communication (you put that so well!).

    But there are several factors here that paint a bigger picture to me, one that I think will forever keep Sarah Palin in Pundit-Land and out of the White House (if this proves wrong I plan to move to Costa Rica in 2013).

    First, 16 is getting pretty close to adulthood. Still young enough to do idiot things, but certainly old enough to have had impressed upon you that your mother might actually make a run for the White House and image counts, so THOU SHALT NOT do things to sully the Palin image. Clearly, whatever discussions Mrs. Palin has had with her kids, being petty, snarky, and offensive in public forums was not sufficiently covered, and that in turn indicates a huge blind spot in self-awareness.

    Maybe this is because Mrs. Palin has not yet internalized this lesson for herself, as evidenced by her own snarky tweets and fights with the press.

    On to the perpetual victim status: that’s just not Presidential material. I don’t want a victim, or a sore loser, or a snark as the leader of the US. I don’t want a President who wastes valuable time and resources fighting with the press or bloggers. And I sure don’t want a quitter who uses her “victim” status to quit the Governorship (I refuse to accord Mrs. Palin the title since she did not complete even one term in office), or to avoid journalists like Ms. Couric simply because they made her look foolish by asking easy questions like “What newspapers do you read?”

    The more the Palin clan exposes themselves to public view, the more unattractive they become. I know there are some diehard fans out there, but surely – please God – not enough to vote her anywhere near the White House.

    Ah, well, there’s always Costa Rica.

    10:35 am | November 24, 2010
  • Maggie W

    Should Anderson take up Willow’s nasty little rant, then he too would be accused of bullying. Best not to go there. But also, nothing that entire Palin clan does anymore is really unexpected. Todd tore across his lawn and threatened to take out the author renting a neighboring home. Sarah suggested he would be peering into her seven year old daughter’s bedroom. Quick to assume the worst, Todd built a tacky fence.

    Last night Jennifer Grey was a gracious winner on DWTS. Kyle Massey, about Bristol’s age, was a gracious second place winner. And then there was Bristol who wanted to “give a middle finger to all the haters of her and her mom”.

    Trash talkers…. the entire dysfunctional family. The apples didn’t fall far from the tree.

    10:39 am | November 24, 2010
  • Baby Snooks

    Looks like someone misplaced all the previous comments when they “renovated” the website…

    10:47 am | November 24, 2010
  • Gaetan Rutherford

    Thank you Mr.Wow for putting a fine point on the article regarding Willow Palin. As a neighbour to the North, I watch with morbid fascination the ridiculous antics of the Palin family and shudder at the thought that “there but for the Grace of God”…….

    11:35 am | November 24, 2010
  • Daniel Sugar

    Mr. Wow,

    I read about a new HIV pill today called Truvada. (Results are very encouraging.)

    Best Wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving and a healthy 2011.

    11:44 am | November 24, 2010
  • Mr. Wow

    Hmmmm….I am hoping I’ll be able to answer each of you, individually, as in the past. The give and take, back and forth was what I liked best.

    And I sure hope we get the spell check back. Invaluable for a dunce like Mr. Wow.

    12:13 pm | November 24, 2010
    • Lila Kuh

      OK, the reply buttons are back… hopefully the administrators will get the other functions up and running here… The give and take is ABSOLUTELY what makes the wowOwow site special!

      12:27 pm | November 24, 2010
      • Mr. Wow

        Dear Lila…I don’t think Mr. Wow could continue without that. I don’t post just to read my own words and worship my own thoughts. I need and want complete and instant communication with whomever is liking or hating my writing.

        You are the first person I’ve been able to respond to on the new setup.

        Now…where are my archives?!

        I think all will resolve itself, but…I’m a nervous guy.

        1:31 pm | November 24, 2010
        • Baby Snooks

          Well I hope you saw my last posting in the old column although the lyrics do not apply to the whiz kid who decided to keep the current columns without the comments. By the same token, well, all the evidence is gone. I for one can now pretend to be pure and sweet.

          1:49 pm | November 24, 2010
          • Mr. Wow

            Dear Baby…I did see your last post.

            Please don’t pretend to be “pure and sweet.” You’re both, actually. Not the dictionary reading of those words, but you are…we all love you as you appear, here.

            And I know that I must know you. I bet I’d know your name. And vice versa. (We travel under the radar)

            Happy Thanksgiving!

            2:04 pm | November 24, 2010
          • Baby Snooks

            Let’s compromise and say that like Mae West I’m as pure as the freshly fallen snow. Emphasis on the fallen. And like Mae West, I drifted a little. Here and there. Along the way.

            It’s possible we met along the way. Possibly in the drifts. Here or there. Under the radar or just off the radar. Watching it all. Here and there. Enjoying it all. Humming “Schadenfreude, Schadenfreude….” occasionally. I always did anyway. Hoping no one was humming it about me. But knowing some were. Some justly. Most not.

            Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone on wowOwow. And to Mr. B of course. Who knows how he lucky he is even if you don’t.

            9:32 pm | November 24, 2010
        • ~ countrywoman ~

          When I first attempted to navigate to WoW a few minutes ago, instead of the front page, there was a message that stated I was from a country that was denied access. Oregon, USA? What the……..?? Is there a link somewhere to tell us about some of the changes I am seeing here? Anyway, here is the comment I tried to post last night, for what it is worth:

          I read that ugly teenage thread and my first thought was that mommy Palin would find a way to deny that it was actually HER child spewing the venom. I have been waiting to hear how the ‘lamestream media’ fabricated the whole thing, or how someone hacked her daughter’s page. Since that does not seem to be happening, I can hardly wait to hear how she will spin it: “My baby was being bullied and I am SO proud that she stood up for herself and our awesome patriotic American family….” perhaps?

          Happy Thanksgiving to all.

          12:33 am | November 25, 2010
  • Deirdre Cerasa

    Gee, what to say about the Palin crowd?? Since I am supposedly a lady (just ask my Mom); I will just say that Willow is an ignorant teen brought up by ignorant parents. Sarah Palin brings out the Irish banshee in me, so I will refrain from any other comment about her. I do agree that if Anderson takes on Willow, he will accused of being a bully.
    So far don’t like this revamped site. Guess I’ll give it some time,
    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Mr WoW, you are the best.

    3:55 pm | November 24, 2010
  • Claudia Marek

    I would never condone Willow’s comments but it also interesting to note (which very few have done) that in each instance her spelling was appalling also. This is a 16 year old who writes “your gay” and “your a loser” — Her command of the written language should concern her mother as much as her attitude. At least I think so!

    5:27 pm | November 24, 2010
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Claudia…I would never diss another’s spelling issues. (Now that the Spell Ckeck here is gone, for sure!)

      Bristol gives–as she charmingly said–”the middle finger” to all of us who feel her lovely mom is…not so lovely.

      President Palin. Let us allow that to roll out of our mouths for the next two years. To get in practice, It’s that or Mitt Romney, the cult leader.

      7:42 pm | November 24, 2010
      • Baby Snooks

        Somehow I don’t think Sarah Palin is going to be returning to politics. Particularly not after her “We must defend our allies in North Korea” slip which followed her “I love the Bushes but they’re blue bloods and most of us are tired of the blue bloods” slip. One more slip and, well, like they say, she’s out. I suspect Barbara Bush will provide the opportunity for the third slip.

        Sarah Palin doesn’t know the difference between North and South Korea and thinks the Bushes are blue bloods. They are purple at best. Mostly red. As in redneck. Washington will never be the same because of them. Beer, boots, and Lee Greenwood. That’s what people are really tired of. And really don’t want any more of. The Palins should stay in Alaska. The Bushes should stay in Texas although personally I think we should give them Maine if they promise to stay there. All of them. Including Bill and Hillary. And keep themselves to themselves. Particularly the Palins. Maybe we can give them the Aleutian Islands. If they promise to stay there. She would like it. Easier to see Russia from the kitchen window.

        Alas, well, the Bushes. They want one of their own in the White House. Jeb or Hillary. Sarah Palin hasn’t a chance. Particularly not after daring to speak back to Barbara Bush. Not smart. Her inner Lucrezia Borgia emerges. She sits in parking lots. Gunning the engine. Or goes on Larry King.

        9:49 pm | November 24, 2010
  • Chris Glass`

    I certainly hope that Willow Palin will cringe over her current and some past comments as she matures. She hasn’t experienced enough of life to voice an opinion that I want to hear at this time. The real test of maturity is often refraining from public comment. Mr. WOW I hope you are wrong about Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney as a future leader.

    10:43 pm | November 25, 2010
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Chris…Mr. Wow cringes over coments he uttered last week, so I suppose there is hope for Miss Palin. (Alas, I do not pass “the real test of maturity.”)

      As for Mrs. Palin and Mr. Romney—I am less certain of hope in that area.

      4:37 pm | November 28, 2010
      • ~ countrywoman ~

        Ah, Mr. Wow, you know what they say:
        Maturity is a magical thing…… you see it, now you don’t.


        7:38 pm | November 28, 2010
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