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Why Chris Christie Can’t Run For President (Or Win, For That Matter)
4:29 pm | September 29, 2011

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New Jersey governor Chris Christie

Mr. wOw handicaps the New Jersey governor’s chances for higher office

“I’ve always believed that people are born with the previous disposition to be homosexual. So I think if someone is born that way, it’s very difficult to say it’s a sin.”

Good, grief, Governor Christie! (Or are you really Lady Gaga in one of her less appealing get-ups?) You are a member of the Republican Party, yes? And yet you say homosexuality is not a sin? I’m sure many Republicans, including politicians, agree with you. But ya never hear it spoken in mixed company — or discussed on air with the CNN’s loathsome Piers Morgan. Christie’s remarks somehow stayed mostly under the radar. Maybe everybody was too shocked, one way or another, to comment? (Republicans probably want to pretend it just didn’t happen.)

Even though Christie doesn’t support gay marriage (he thinks civil unions will do the trick) it will be damn hard for him to walk back a statement saying homosexuals are “born that way” and therefore, are not sinners. Houdini won’t have anything on New Jersey’s governor if he manages that trick!

To be honest, it might be fun to see Christie try to do that, if he is finally persuaded to enter the race for president — which now resembles the famous Marx Brothers stateroom scene from “A Night at the Opera.” As Groucho said: “Is it my imagination, or is it getting crowded in here?” And Gov. Christie will count as three more people, at least. (Sorry, but come on — you want a guy in that shape in the White House, under pressure 24/7? And don’t talk to me about William H. Taft. The job was easier back then.)

My thoughts? Maybe Christie really really really doesn’t want to run, and was hoping this nugget of humanity might scare off those in his party who are still desperate for another candidate.

If he steps into the swirling campaign waters, I am going to be like a mongoose watching a cobra (or is it the other way around?) waiting to see if he’ll suddenly have an epiphany, and decide the gays are big sinners after all.

Such fun, politics.

Oh, by the way. For all the frustration I have felt and expressed over President Obama, I have to say I’ve never seen anything like what happened the very second he won — on that night, the 2012 election was already underway. Fox News gave him one grudging day of faux respect — The Inauguration — and then it was “Who will defeat him, how can we destroy him?” And Democrats weren’t much better. All the liberal pundits and commentators leaped into the fray, hyping Sarah Palin and her chances, and generally joining in on all conversations about what would happen in four years. (Chris Matthews couldn’t let go of the “birther” issue. Though he’d say he was defending Obama, all he really did was keep the subject alive.)

Obama himself didn’t help matters by occasionally talking about how he wouldn’t mind being a “one-term president.” So not what you want to hear if you voted for him.

So here we are, 13 months to go, and Obama looks to be on the ropes. But so much can happen in 13 months. My goodness, look what happened in the two weeks before the 2008 election—the economy collapsed, under Republican rule, and Obama took the presidency neatly. Most likely would have anyway, but that money mess sealed the deal. Alas, we still have a money mess, and it now belongs to Obama.

I don’t think I can write Obama off. I don’t really want to, for all his weakness and over-compromising (his great sins, as far as I am concerned.) Maybe a second term would set him on a firmer, more confident course? Maybe Fox News will implode? Maybe Sean Hannity will explode? Maybe Ann Coulter will stop badgering everybody about the ruby slippers and get herself a man, or a good meal. Or at least a new black cocktail dress?

So, unless the world ends, or I do, I’ll be voting for Barack when the time comes.

Oh, so you thought just because Mr. Christie doesn’t think I’m a sinner, he might get my vote? Sillies. Whoever said I wasn’t a sinner? I’m just not the Republican Party’s or the religious right’s kind of sinner.

But let me assure you. I’ve sinned, my darlings.

  • Sandy B

    I think part of why President Obama (and dems in general) have had to overcompromise- is that’s what happens when one side doesn’t care if the baby gets cut in half. People who don’t care what they destroy, have an immediate advantage in negotiations. President Obama cares.

    4:40 pm | September 29, 2011
    • Haunted Lady

      Good point, Sandy.

      5:00 pm | September 29, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Sandy….

      I appreciate that he cares.  But where has his caring led us? 

      13 months is a long time—though you’d never know it from how cable news carries on–so I remain cautiously optimistic. 

      5:05 pm | September 29, 2011
    • Baby Snooks

      Overcompromised with whom? Obama had a Congress controlled by the Democrats for 2 years. And they literally gave the keys to the bordello to the Republicans in those 2 years after completely destroying any sense of “hope and change” the American people had. But then they were having a grand old time with their customers from K Street and just thought the American people would buy whatever they told them. The American people did not.

      As for his “health care reform” as predicted, by those who actually managed to wde through it all prior to it being passed, it is nothing more than a “stimulus” for the health care insurance industry.  And not only are premiums rising but the cost of health care is as well.   

      I’m glad Obama wouldn’t mind being a one-term president. Looks like he is going to be just that.

      5:27 pm | September 29, 2011
      • Mr. Wow

        Dear Baby…

        Well, he seems to mind now–now that it seems he will be a one-term prez.  

        I hate all politicians. 

        5:35 pm | September 29, 2011
        • Baby Snooks

          Oh, I doubt he minds. He’s probably at Kennebunkport taking riding lessons on his magic cash camel. Learning how to say “I charge $500,000 for lunch, $1 million for dinner” in 22 languages and setting up a foundation to hide all the loot in. Some set up offshore corporations to hide all the loot in. Presidents set up foundations.  I wonder how much of a cut Daddy gets?  Next come the relief funds. Daddy does take of his own. First disaster of 2013 will bring us the Bush-Clinton-Obama Relief Fund. Providing relief to insiders who will use the new vulture capital fund to build hotels in disaster-stricken areas. Which is what they plan to do in Haiti. Just as soon as they can install a friendly dictator who is willing to sign over the rights to the oil and natural gas off the coast.  As for the people, well, they have nice tents. All they need is jobs. All we need as well. The hotels of course wil not hire Hatiians. They will hire illegal immigrants from Mexico. Which is what they did in New Orleans to help “rebuild” New Orleans after Katrina. Gotta make some profit here and there, you know?

          6:02 pm | September 29, 2011
          • Baby Snooks

            And I doubt Michelle minds either. She can start buying diamond bracelets instead of borrowing them. And buy as many pairs of $450 Lanvin sneakers to wear to the food banks as she wants. It’s a shame we can’t toss shoes at politicians in this country. The Obamas would be buried under a mountain of $450 Lanvin sneakers at this point.

            6:08 pm | September 29, 2011
  • Baby Snooks

    As for Chris Christie being too fat, well, if Chaz Bono can dance, he can as well.  All the way to the White House. Fat people are people too. Free to be, you and me and all that.  At least he is willing to be honest about how he feels instead of just pandering to prevailing political winds. A rarity these days in politics.  And that right there is worth a vote or two.
    I think things are changing. The American people are remembering the last time they voted for the “Marlboro Man.”  A nice face doesn’t mean much if it’s attached to an empty head. 

    5:40 pm | September 29, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Baby…

      Isn’t that what they all say and promise?–”I’m honest and I’m going to tell you the truth, I’m gonna talk from the gut, I won’t pander. ”  Please.

      Chaz Bono is not running for president.  I hope he loses weight, but if he dropped dead,  it wouldn’t affect the world. 

      5:50 pm | September 29, 2011
      • Baby Snooks

        How odd. We’re both on the computer at the same time. Maybe we should continue this on Messenger?  Or set up a private chat room?

        They all lie. Even those few who manage to tell the truth occasionally. It’s part of the game of politics. I go back to the wisdom of the elders.  If you want a peaceful table, never invite a politician or a preacher to dinner.  That was my great-uncle who was sort of my surrogate grandfather. One of the old kingmakers. None of the political kings were ever invited to dinner.  Or introduced if they dropped by the table as they say.

        6:23 pm | September 29, 2011
  • Sandy B

    President Obama will win- unless something changes drastically for the worst or the Republican field changes dramatically for the best.

    6:25 pm | September 29, 2011
    • Baby Snooks

      The problem is Obama has left so many completely disillusioned and so they won’t vote and those who do, well, all the Republican candidate needs to do is channel Ronald Reagan and ask “Are you better off today than you were four yearsa ago?” and win in a landslide. The way Ronald Reagan did.  Obama had two years with a Democratic Congress to deliver on the “hope and change” and gave us the “same old, same old.”  Same old wars. Same old war criminals. Same old lobbysits writing legislation. Same old crooks on Wall Street paying the lobbyists. Same old Bush tax cuts for the “haves and have-mores” who are the only ones who can say they are better off four years later.  So maybe they’ll vote for him. I doubt anyone else will.  

      7:43 pm | September 29, 2011
  • Bonnie O

    ….. and here I was beginning to think that all political discourse had been abandoned at wowowow.

    Muchas gracias Mr. Wow for your interesting remarks, misguided as they may be in my humble opinion.   You have the knack of making your point, with one dozen thrusts of a knife, but the pain is only slightly felt… at first.  Initially, I would suggest that there are perhaps as many Democratic voters as there are voters in the GOP who will not vote for a gay or lesbian.  It is only in the GOP that we talk about chromosomes, the scriptures and what did Jefferson mean when he wrote  we are all endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.  And, yes, we Republicans openly struggle with the right of a State to perform gay marriage versus offering the alternative of a Domestic Union Partnership which seeems to be universally accepted.  In the GOP, our political discussions are quite open and everyone gets to eavesdrop because when any political party begins a discussioin about ”rights” given or withdrawn, then the country better be listening.  It is in the Democratic party where the silence is downright scary because it is assumed that all think alike which definitely not the case.

    Is Christie electable?   Yes, he is.   He has that something special … a  style of likability and confidence.  He is a man of the people and unlike the President does not give the appearance, true or not, of arrogance along with an academic snootiness that is frustrating to many Americans. Obama belongs on a university campus, not in the White House.  His is a failed Presidency and that is not the fault of the GOP.

    Mr. Wow you sadly forget that Obama had an 80% plus approval rating on election night…. even though Michelle wore that horrific black and red dress … which I dubbed the “crime scene dress… where the reddish color was woven into the black dress at the bodice and hip suggesting the dress had been worn by a victim of a sexual assault.  Anyway, 80%!  And from the moment he took the oath, the President ignored all efforts by the GOP to participate in legislation …. beginning with the hateful Stimulus Bill ….. which is now a disgarded term used by the Dems because their bill was a colossall failure.  Did not Congressional Republicans hear those infamous words, “you lost”, as if they were no longer part of the government ….. which they really were not because the numbers so favored the Dems even to include that super majority in the Senate.

    The reason the President is in such political trouble now is because of his first year in office… a miserable year made worse when the President decided to set aside the looming recession and continue his goals of income distribution and the growth of government.

    But, what about Christie?  He is a big man.  His health certainly can and should be raised as an issue as it was when he was a gubernatorial candidate.  The smirks and sneers will occur …. they always do and I read that the “liberal” ladies on The View, have already initiated that attack.  It was always going to a messy and perhaps a dirty campaign …..but even so ….

    If Chrisite decides to run and so far he has said no, then he will certainly be a strong contender for the Republian nomination.  His openly expressed opinions about social issues will matter little.  For this election, most GOP voters will cast their ballot with an eye on their pocketbooks and the economic well being of the country.   The country needs strong leadership and a leader who knows what he talking about when he talks about bi-partisanship ….. not the fair weathered but means nothing rhetoric of the President.  The country is in desperate need of a politican (and that is not a dirty word) who understands that taking from one class of citizens and giving to another without discrimination is the pomotion of class warfare whether it be about income, Medicare services, or about jobs …. government jobs versus private sector jobs?   Obama believes one way …. a path which has only added to the depth of the recession and the misery faced by so many unhappy voters.  And, Obama doesn’t like us.  The feeling is growing mutual.

    11:33 pm | September 29, 2011
    • Baby Snooks

      …and what did Jefferson mean when he wrote  we are all endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.


      It doesn’t matter what he meant when he wrote that or anything else. What matters is what he and the other founding fathers etched into stone in the First Amendment. With all due respect you need to learn to read. You might also read what one of the founding fathers wrote in the Treaty of Tripoli. That this nation was NOT founded as a Christian nation. End of subject. The words of a ffounding father etched into stone, for those who apparently could not read even then, which were echoed unanimously by the US Senate which at that time included a number of the other founding fathers.  The First Amendment allows those who wish to do so to live in religious ignorance. It does not allow them to impose that religious ignorance on others.

      And before you retort with your usual “you must be a liberal” I was born a Republican and will die a Republican but doubt I will vote for a Republican again until they rid themselves of this madness that they have embraced.  I am, like many others, totally disgusted buy what the Republican Party has become. And become by what it has embraced.  As for the Tea Party wanting to “take the country back” it is obvious that the country it wants to take back is Nazi Germany. So go to Germany and see how successful you are. They restrict free speech. Wisely. Which the founding fathers probably would have had they known what some would do with the right to speak freely.

      5:47 am | September 30, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Bonnie…

      If Chris Christie runs, and he doesn’t “rethink” his remarks that gays are not sinners, well…I’ll doff my hat to him, if nothing else.

      I’m not happy with Obama, but I see nothing else on the horizon.  I will certainly not refrain from voting, no mattter how unhappy I am.

      As for Mr. Chrisite’s size, criticism of it is no meaner or messier than what Obama has had to put up with–who IS he?  Where is he FROM, etc…   In fact it is no meaner than commenting on Michelle’s dress, and considerably more relevant.

      We will live in interesting times, as the Chinese say, for the next 13 months.  And beyond. 

      8:06 am | September 30, 2011
      • Bonnie O

        Mr. Wow -  I beg to differ.  Personal attacks against a person is not the same as commenting on the poor design of a dress.  Maybe if the dress had feelings ….I should beg its pardon.  Hmmm?

        Hope you enjoy your weekend. 

        5:50 pm | September 30, 2011
        • Mr. Wow

          Dear Bonnie…

          The dress might give you a heart attack, but Mrs.Obama will be fine.

          Mr. Christie has an issue to deal with.

          Doesn’t make him a bad person, just a guy in a powerful office, perhaps seeking a more powerful office, who needs to be healthier.

          I’ll enjoy my weekend–thanks!

          6:59 pm | September 30, 2011
    • mary burdt

      Very interesting, Bonnie O. The GOP will be voting with their pocketbooks in 2012. Oh really? maybe you are right, Republicans are the only ones left who have a pocketbook left and money to fill it. Republicans always vote to enhance their wealth, nothing new here.

      Obama, I believe, will probably win in 2012. This thought, somehow, brings me peace. The GOP slate is nothing short of pathetic.

      7:48 pm | October 1, 2011
      • Bonnie O

        Mary -  You do realize that almost 50% of Americans pay zero income tax, do you not? Who do you suppose pays for the safety net to assist Americans who are in temporary financial difficulties or for those who are truly needy?  Yep, it is those money saving Republicans.  If an Amreican can save a dime, you can be sure that there are some in the Democratic party who will try to take a nickel, or more, if they can.

        I do not label all Dems as freeloaders and tax hikers.  It is too bad that you feel that the candidates in the GOP are all”pathetic”.  That is a sad indictment of some gentlemen who have worked in both the private sector and in government … sharing their talents and experience to improve our nation, not to become political millionaires … hello Mr. Clinton soon to be joined by the current President;  the candidate who shoved campaign finance overboard after making a promise to accept the limits as defined in the law.  Obama has set back campaign finance reform for probably two decades if not more.

        I like Americans.  And I think the Democratic party has some excellent representatives who work well with their opposition.  I cannot think of one Democrat who is in office that I would label as ”pathetic”.  The fact that you can and do is a representation of the great divide that separates our political parties. 

        11:23 am | October 2, 2011
  • Mary

    Interesting, very interesting……….Politics has gotten to be a screen play that is never produced because the players or actors keep forgetting their lines and keep forgetting their parts.  Christie could very well be a contender just as anyone else and there are a variety of contenders at this point and the characters could all change dramatically in the next few months.  But, back to Christie for a minute.  Could it be that his statements that are pointed out by Mr. Wow are carefully orchestrated to draw numbers to him? Could it be that Mr. Christie could possibly be jumping the fence politically?  Anything could happen and has in the past, so hang on it could get a little tricky out there.  Be that is it may, I don’t think he would be a serious contender but he could stir the pot.  That pot my friends is pretty hot right now and is going to boil over. If you look at all of the characters who are running so far, they each have their own little dynamics that are appealing to specific groups of people. No one is addressing specifics that will address the current problems on the whole, they are focusing on mixing people up, and they are getting so confused themselves that the lines are pretty fuzzy to everyone including themselves.  It is quite entertaining, but we don’t need entertainment.

    Bonnie, I don’t realy know why what Michelle Obama wore is important or relevant  and anytime I read the comments regarding what one wore or how much they paid or how they looked in general all I can think of is how is the writer trying to make a point?  My thoughts on Obama have realy not changed.  He told everyone that change is going to take time and it is going to take sacrifice.  Americans on the whole seem to have forgotten about sacrifice and time, they want what they want now and sacrifice has lost it’s definition. On the day that Obama won the election the Tea Party started  their chants of taking back their government.  No one has explained what that means exactly.  Taking it back from who and what?  The people in this country made this country what it is.  There are costs and consequences to years of waste, irresponsible spending and values that somehow have been tossed out the window.  Americans who were buying real estate that they could not afford from brokers who knew it are as much to blame as their lenders. The same people who got themselves into the mess now scream that they want instant solutions.  We scream about not wanting to belong to the Chinese but don’t hesitate go open our wallets to support them.  We scream and stomp our feet like spoiled little children and then  when we are sent to our rooms we are quick to blame our country. Bring on the change, and the opponants vote in even more worthless leaders who are thinking with their brains sunk in party lines, they are no more interested in solving problems than those they replaced, heck it sounded good at the polls, but here we are and who are we blaming? Certainly not ourselves.    Now, I know that our views politically will probably always differ, but, I just don’t get why Michelle’s choice of clothing matters?

    4:21 pm | September 30, 2011
    • Bonnie O

      Hello Mary,  I read all your remarks and have only a few comments.

      About the dress, I am sorry I even brought it up.  But I am women who looks at clothing with a appreciative eye.  And what the First Lady or First Lady in-waiting wears is always of interest to some women;  has been since the time of Dolly Madison.  Times have not changed that much.  And I was horrified when I first saw the dress …. cannot deny it.  Did the dress portray any significance in the election of the President?  Of course not.

      There is one point which I will disagree with you.  The tea party folks did not become “the tea party”  on the first day that Obama took office.   Those folks were getting a little nervous about the bank bail-outs that began with President Bush and continued with President Obama.  No, it was the stimulus bill that gave the tea party the momentum to form into small groups and then larger groups and finally into statewide organizations.  But the real thorn was Obamacare.  The President was given his pollitical honeymoon and the majority of folks who did not vote for him were ready to support him in his efforts to curtail the looming recession.

      Obama did not listen to the small groups anymore than he listened when the party grew and were openly challenging their congressional representatives in town hall meetings.    By mid-year the President was still ignorning the hew and cry AND THEN the Democratics lost control of the Congress.  Now everyone is listening to the Tea Party …. especially the GOP because they do want to retain control of the House and, hopefully, become the majority in the Senate.

      The Tea Party folks are not perfect … but they know how to count and to budget.  During these recessionary times  that is critical or the ones to suffer the most will be the next generation and the one after that.   Senator McCain calls the actions of the President “generational theft” and I agree.

      Finally, about the horrific dress….. I think I will add that the golden gown with a wrapped kimono type waist worn by the First Lady was splendid.  Cannot remember if she wore it to the Inaugration but it would be a nice tribute to the Smithsonian.  The red and black thing should be set on fire and left to burn until it is nothing but ashes.

      6:15 pm | September 30, 2011
      • Mary

        Bonnie, I guess we will have to agree to disagree.  Only history will tell the whole story and even then it will depend on who writes it. 

        6:43 pm | September 30, 2011
        • Bonnie O

          Mary -  The truth is not fuzzy.  The Tea Party folks did not gain power and become agitators the day Obama took office.   Obama was given his chance and the votes;  the GOP was not in a position to stop anything that Obama or his administration chose to initiate or legislate.  They had the votes, BIG TIME, for two solid years.

          Why didn’t the President raise his much desired income taxes when he had the votes?  Why didn’t the President cut spending instead of raising the budgets for most every department 10-15% and is now using the higher budgets as the beginning point for cut-backs.  If bugets are raisied by 15% and then cut by 5% or or even 10%,   the cost of government is still increasing and, as a result,  so is the deficit.

          The country can no longer spend $4 Billion each and every day more than it receives.  Our deficits, under Obama, are increasing by more than a trillion dollars each year.  Not sustainable.

          We may disagree about the advantages or disadvantages of policy such as Obamacare but the  growth and clamour of the Tea Party is clearly documented.   Mr. Obama did not heed their cries because he disagreed with their budget cutting philosophy and that is when the noise became louder.  I bet he hears them now.   

          8:00 pm | September 30, 2011
  • rocky rocky

    Love seeing political discourse again on Wow. Good discussion folks. Looking forward to more.

    4:40 pm | October 1, 2011
  • Alice Darr

    I for one am very happy the fat bastard is not running for President.  Now to get rid of Bachuman and the rest of the GOPer neathanderals.    I would prefer to have Hiliary for President, but then again, we don’t always get what we want, do we?

    2:31 pm | October 6, 2011
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