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5:04 pm | November 30, 2011

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Sprains heal … politics palls … movies delight

First off — I hope with all my heart you had the happiest Thanksgiving possible. Life isn’t fair. Families can be a trial. Old (or even middle) age ain’t for sissies. Sometimes it is hard to be “thankful.” Especially on the day we’re told we must be. But my thoughts were with you. You’ve become part of my family. Even those of you who don’t cotton to Mr. wOw’s winsome ways.

As for me, I am thankful for B., who cooked a fabulous meal and continues to put up with a neurotic, anxious Mr. wOw. I am thankful my health has remained good. I am thankful for the few, but precious friends I have managed not to alienate. For my job, despite my “issues.” (Those issues by the way are, like, 30 years old. I am fully aware that nobody’s put a gun to my head to stay put. We do make our own lives, at least in these matters.)

I’m really thankful my sprained foot and hand have begun to heal — the result, as some of you know, from a fall on the street. I’m still in a surprising amount of pain, but considerably less. I am more understanding now when people speak of chronic pain. Usually their pain is far more extreme than a little old sprain.

So, what have I been up to, in the days leading to Thanksgiving and during a much-needed-and-appreciated four-day holiday?

Reading a bit less. My little accident had me so ornery I couldn’t concentrate. So, lots of TV. Lots of cable news.

Watching the swelling and shrinking of various Republican candidates for president — Bachmann, Perry, Cain and the “Newt” kid on the block, Gingrich — I have moved past alarm over the fate of the nation. I am now amused and resigned. They are all fools, all insincere, all politicians. I include Democrats and our president, Mr. Obama. He remains clueless somehow, frustratingly out of reach. As maddening as it is to hear his “lazy” comment taken totally out of context by Republicans, I also wonder why he didn’t realize it was not a word to be used, ever? “We have perhaps not been as aggressive … etc.” There. Much better, yes? But Obama seems not to have read his Jimmy Carter — remember how “malaise” so disastrously affected Carter’s image. (Americans want to be told they are “exceptional” all the time.)

So I have little hope. We are going to stumble and meander along. Nobody’s looking out for us. Don’t expect it. I hate to sound like a guy who’s gonna head for the hills with B. and the cats and all my movie-star memorabilia, not paying taxes and declaring myself free of government, but … as long as we have cable.

I was distressed to see Chris Matthews turn on Obama — and Mrs. Obama, too — in an interview touting his new book on his cherished idol, JFK. Chris sure does blow where the wind blows. As for JFK — hardly a role model or a great president. He died before he could truly make his mark. He left a fabulous mythological image, carefully crafted by his widow, and a legacy of typical Kennedy entitlement, outright conniving to become president, some whopping mistakes, and a stunning laxity of morals and restraint. Not that that made him a bad person. Just your average ambitious politician, hardly worthy of Mr. Matthews’ drooling.

But it wasn’t all political viewing. Give me a show about the mysteries of Stonehenge, creatures at the bottom of the sea, the possible site of Atlantis, or anything about World War II and I’m hooked. I’ve also been trying to support Oprah’s new OWN network, checking out a number of Lisa Ling’s excellent specials. The network also ran a fascinating documentary, “Miss Representation” directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. This explores how far women haven’t advanced, despite media perceptions to the contrary. (Interesting comments made about how our current popular culture degrades women as never before, especially via “reality” TV.

And as usual, Mr. wOw is perpetually glued to Turner Classic Movies and the Fox Movie Channel, where the good stuff is unedited and commercial-free.

TCM premiered Ken Russell’s “The Boy Friend.” This was Russell’s subversive 1971 take on the sunny Sandy Wilson Broadway musical of the 1950’s. It stars Twiggy and Tommy Tune, and I adored it when it first came out. (I still have the vinyl soundtrack record!) Alas, TCM screened the very long director’s cut of the movie. So often, less is more.

I caught my fave women’s prison flick, “Caged,” which hasn’t lost a bit of power (or high camp voltage) in fifty plus years … I was semi-conscious watching “55 Days In Peking.” Probably because the star, Miss Ava Gardner, seemed to be in a trance herself. I’m so susceptible. (Co-star Charlton Heston gallantly revealed in his memoirs that Ava was often afflicted by her love to lush) … “Now, Voyager” still gets to me — “No one has ever called me ‘darling’ before” weeps Bette, gratefully in Paul Henried’s lapel … and “The Prince and the Showgirl” though slow-moving and repetitious — hardly playwright Terrence Rattigan’s finest hour — reveals an astonishingly charming, vivacious and adept Marilyn. It is in many ways her finest hour. (Mr. wOw is puking over the undeserved raves for Michelle Williams in “My Week With Marilyn” but you all expected that. The film is a travesty and an insult, but no point in belaboring it — right now.)

And there was such fun to be had with Joan Crawford’s “Female on the Beach.” There’s Joan, taut as a new violin string, in the full flower of her scary/sexy 1950’s glamour mask, showing off her legs at every opportunity, alternately spurning and throwing herself at Jeff Chandler. Mr. Chandler, seen often in a brief bathing suit, offers a startlingly frank portrayal of a male hustler. “You were made for your profession,” snarls Joan. “Nice to look at. Nice to touch. The great god of the senses, glistening on the beach. Very attractive. Until you remember that sewers empty into the ocean!” Joan Crawford didn’t need 3-D. She was 3-D.

Elizabeth Taylor’s 1973 thriller “Night Watch” is new and remastered on DVD. Even better than I remembered when I saw it at Radio City Music Hall. Taylor works herself up into a fine lather, shrieking about dead bodies in the house next door and plots against her — are her hubby and her best friend having an affair, right under her perfect profile? She emotes in a variety of nifty Valentino lounging outfits and nightgowns. But for the spectacular climax of the movie, she is svelte in maroon pants suit, with hair big enough to be seen on Mars. One of Miss T’s unfairly dismissed latter-day epics.

Finally, just a couple of nights ago, I came across Clint Eastwood’s simply awful but awfully entertaining version of John Berendt’s “Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil.” I’d seen it upon release back in 1997. The movie is just all over the place, but luckily, Eastwood became fascinated with The Lady Chablis, a real-life Savannah, Georgia drag-queen, who played herself in the film. Just when you think you can’t take another second of the perpetually gape-mouthed John Cusack, Clint turns it into The Lady Chablis Show. The “cotillion” sequence is hilarious, classic. Every utterance that escapes The Lady’s mouth is priceless. But my favorite line comes early in the movie. Chablis has misted up a bit, recalling the death of sleazy Jude Law, at the hands of sleazy (but rich) Kevin Spacey. Cusack consoles her. Dabbing delicately at her eyes, Chablis shrugs: “Thanks hon. But as my mama used to say, ‘Two tears in a bucket, motherfuckit.”

Yep, The Lady Chablis was also part of what I was thankful for, as I warmed up B.’s scrumptious leftovers.

  • rick gould

    Well Mr. WoW-
    I must be pyschic… I was enjoying your responses and thinking that it’s about time Mr. W write a column… Yay ;)

    Sorry your recovery is somewhat slow…persevere!

    As for the politics–I refuse to pay attention to the buffoons the Republicans are dishing up because they don’t stand a chance. As far as Obama goes, meh. But compared to his opponents, he’s a giant among pygmies…or is that PIG-mies?

    Love your movie selections…they are, um, ”eclectic”? Joan’s latter day movies are truly in the realm of the bizarre…like performance art…and her face was truly a Kabuki mask at that point!

    Yes, I am disappointed by most critics gushing over the latest “Marilyn” movie, too… it seems so obviously contrived, questionable and cartoonish…but these are the times we live in, sigh.

    Your recent comment regarding Madonna getting knee-jerk critical slams for her movies actually reminded me of the critics regarding Elizabeth Taylor in the late 60s and 70s. At the height of her notoriety, the knives were out. Though some of ET’s latter day vehicles were bizarro, some were underrated and overlooked as well. And Taylor certainly wasn’t walking through these flicks, that’s for sure. “Night Watch” is probably one of the more straightforward of those movies and highly watchable.

    I was thinking of “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” when “J Edgar” was released. It reminded me that “big” pictures are out of the economical story realm of Eastwood. Clint seems to do better with westerns and “small” pictures. He’s about the last director who should take a shot at the latest unneccessary remake of “A Star is Born.”

    Watch “The Pajama Game” and “Damn Yankees” as a double feature. Those two, high energy, Bob Fosse choreographed flicks with great songs and stars will be a big energy boost for the holidays!

    Good reading you, as always!

    5:26 pm | November 30, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Rick…

      “Inspector, won’t you please look in that house one more time?!  There’s another body now!!”

      11:13 am | December 1, 2011
      • rick gould

        Mr. W-
        You can actually see ET in that fabled maroon pantsuit, emoting like a steamroller, in Nightwatch…dubbed in Italian! On YouTube, of course. It seems highly appropriate.

        She looks very pretty as the initially sedate British housewife here, as opposed to the gaudy, mod, bitchy swinger in the previous year’s “X, Y and Zee.” Which a few critics, like Roger Ebert and Pauline Kael, gave ET some of her best reviews.

        Of course, she looked sublime in the next year’s “Ash Wednesday,” proof that if Elizabeth had the inclination and good health, she could have aged gorgeously.

        Watch some movies…I love your comments on them, obviously ; )

        12:05 pm | December 2, 2011
        • Mr. Wow

          Dear Rick…

          “X Y and Zee” rocks and Kael gave her a fabulous review. 

          ET  still looked great–after many dramas and much surgery–until 1993.  Then she had her first hip replacement and everything went to hell.  (After the brain tumor?–forget it.)

          One of my fave lines from “Night Watch”—–”I’ve taken so many pills.  Perhaps the last one in the bottle is the one I shouldn’t  take.” 

          5:26 pm | December 2, 2011
  • Baby Snooks

    I must admit I do watch OWN from time to time and am impressed except for Oprah who as always seems to be deliberately condescending to her guests. Why bother to have guests if you know it all? She could at least have the humility to just sit there and add a “that is fascinating” or a “that is interesting and something I bet we never thought about.”  Even I manage that myself from time to time.  Makes you a little less of a boor.  

    I voted for Obama.  I would vote for him again if this were 2008. It ain’t 2008.  So whoever runs against him gets my vote. Fool me once as they say.

    5:48 pm | November 30, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Baby…

      I avoid Oprah. Although on OWN that is difficult to do!

      11:17 am | December 1, 2011
  • Oh, poor Mr. Wow, forced to stoop to… ugh… politics for his amusement. Yes, it is all very depressing and hopeless and there is little left to do but laugh at it all.

    Here’s a proposal for everyone: how about a grass-roots campaign for everyone, nationwide, to vote for any party other than the Dems or Repubs, until we have them all cooling their heels. Let the Greens and the Libertarians and anyone running independently have a crack at governing. Shoot, write ‘em in if they’re not on the ballot.

    The two major parties have both become the parties of non-cooperation and non-compromise, and to hell with the good of the country; but with only two bad choices for the voters, they seem to feel pretty complacent in their Congressional seats. The only way they will get the message is if we manage to boot out as many as possible from BOTH parties.

    6:11 pm | November 30, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Lila…

      Actually, injured and ornery or not, I spend a lot of time channel surfing the cable news stations.   My doctor has ordered me to stop. My blood pressure meds no longer work, and he blames MSNBC, CNN and FOX.

      11:20 am | December 1, 2011
  • Paul Smith

    Saw Marilyn film for six dollars. It was worth exactly that. I sat up when the lush Autumn Leaves by the great Nat King Cole interrupted my boredom.  The screenplay was the worst I can remember.  All cliches.  Mitt Romney is the man.  Send the deer in the headlights back to Chicago. 

    6:58 pm | November 30, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Paul…

      We don’t often agree.  But I am so glad we’re on the same page re “My Week With Marilyn.”

      Hope your Thanksgiving was happy, full of food, friends and family.

      11:22 am | December 1, 2011
  • annee

    mr. wow, you can’t possibly be as “bad” as your notes indicate. In this time of crazy times and too many crazy people you stand out , as to what you stay and mean. You fell and
    sprained foot and hand and I fell and broke my foot. I know the worst part of the whole
    thing is being faced with “you sure aren’t what you used to be” and the humiliation of
    having a bruise on my face. I enjoy your musings and opinions and generally agree. The
    fact that you can entertain so many of us is a Wow plus. I found myself, awhile ago, in
    a market yelling , to a woman whose basket hit me, “What ever happened to manners”.
    Yes it’s a bitch out there, and when I’m not offended at something I try to convince my-
    self that all is going to be fine. That’s an opinion I know is a lie to myself. But if it is any
    condolence we knew it all when it was so good and we were so lucky. Cheers

    8:09 pm | November 30, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Annee…

      Oh, I’m not really “bad.”  Just anxious, insecure and generally unhappy about a lot of the choices I’ve made in life.   But let me swap stories with some guy working a coal mine, and I’m certain I’ll feel a lot better.

      11:28 am | December 1, 2011
  • Sadie BB

    Hey there Mr Wow! Glad to hear things are at least marginally better.
    Permit me to make some movie suggestions to help carry you thru the holidays. I think you would like most of them and probably won’t have heard of many.

    Bitter Moon – Disclaimer : yes I had to compromise my principles to see anything directed by roman polanski. And Hugh grant is in it. But still a great movie.
    Cousin Bette – Jessica Lange is vengeful Bette. she doesn’t quite manage to look plain but otherwise stellar!
    This Boy’s Life – with a young Leonard di caprio , clearly destined for stardom.
    Slums of Beverly Hills – ( I’m their father! I’m their father!)
    Closer – the only movie where I actually liked Julia roberts. And Clive Owen is spectacular, especially in the sex chatroom scene…I laughed until I cried, and I am not easily amused!
    Il Gattopardo – see in original Italian to really appreciate the hysterics
    The last mistress – warning…in French and a costume drama
    Mesrine – warning.. Four hours long and pretty violent, but totally riveting! Who knew Canadian prisons were once so brutal.
    Eugene onegin – with Ralph fiennes looking particularly tortured and winsome

    Happy holidays!

    10:40 pm | November 30, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Sadie…
      Thank you!  I’ve seen some of those–”Closer”…”The Last Mistress”…”Bitter Moon” and “Cousin Bette.”
      On your recommendation, I’ll find the rest.

      11:32 am | December 1, 2011
      • Sadie BB

        Dear mr wow – so we have a 4 movie overlap? Would be very interested to hear what you thought of them!

        3:39 pm | December 1, 2011
  • normadesmond

    i avidly follow margo and lazily clicked on last post and here i am. who are you? you certainly got my attention with your spot on review of that marilyn monroe movie. AND, i just rewatched that exact same spot in “midnight in the garden…”

    i’ll look for you next time i flit by.

    12:16 am | December 1, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear NormaD…

      Please do check me out.  In fact, check my old posts, in the archives.  You will either be amused or appalled.

      My best to you…and Max.

      11:50 am | December 1, 2011
  • Daniel Sugar

    Mrs. Henry Windle Vale: “No member of the Vale family has ever had a nervous breakdown.”

    Dr. Jasquith: “Well there’s one having one now.”

    I hope you & B. have a really great 2012


    12:27 am | December 1, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Dr. Sugar…

      “You like to make fun of me…you think it’s fun to make fun of me!”

      11:34 am | December 1, 2011
  • Mr Wow! Oh my heart goes out to you! I hope you heal fast and get better soon. :-)

    I thought of you this morning as I sat watching the Today Show and lamenting the fact I’m stuck in the Midwest and not in New York! Ugh! Because you are laid up does this mean you are going to miss out on the big display at Christie’s of Elizabeth Taylors jewels and gowns?  They are simply spectacular! Incredibly beautiful and I would give my right arm to be there to see them live.

    10:20 am | December 1, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Belinda…

      Thank you.  I am healing.  Though more slowly than I expected.

      Honey, I’m walking with a slight limp.  You think that could keep me from kvelling over La Liz’s goodies.  I’ll be there, although I know it will be bittersweet.  I saw her so many times over years wearing those jewels. 

      11:42 am | December 1, 2011
      • rick gould

        It wouldn’t have kept ET away from drooling over jewels ;)

        Lucky you for having seen the real deal…and Elizabeth was the real deal! Sigh.

        3:00 pm | December 1, 2011
        • Mr. Wow

          Dear Rick…

          I had a particular fondness for her giant amethyst baubles.  She wore them with everything.   The night she saw Burton’s first performance in “Equus”–only days before the final split–she wore an unattractive, high-necked glittery deep purple gown.  And the amethysts.  It all looked terrible.  But she was still divine, as she arrived at the theater and the crowd roared, “Liz! Liz! Liz!”   Richard was not amused. 

          3:13 pm | December 1, 2011
      • Baby Snooks

        My only real interest is in how much loot all the loot brings in.  Or how much the “association” brings in.  Some of the appraisals, again, were rather shocking.  As was the “potentially flawless” disclosure about the Krupp diamond which could mean many things. None too encouraging for anyone who buys “important” diamonds. Christie’s estimates $30 million for the jewelry collection. Hard to say since I don’t have the catalog. But given how much is there it seems rather low. But you never know. The Krupp diamond alone may bring in $30 million. Depends on how many very, very rich fans she had. Once it’s sold most expect will be referred to as the Krupp-Taylor diamond. Despite whoever deciding that it would be referred to as the Elizabeth Taylor diamond.  Provenance applies to diamonds as well as paintings. I assume the van Gogh is in the auction.  Should prove interesting to see if another 11th hour lawsuit is filed over it.  That part of the provenance may affect the price at auction. With or without another lawsuit. 

        5:24 pm | December 2, 2011
        • Mr. Wow

          Dear Baby…

          I think the auction will not bring in quite as much as expected, but plenty. 

          Hard for me to grasp that somewhere–probbaly in Saudi Arabia or Beverly Hills–a woman will actually wear the great emeralds or the Krupp or the Taj diamond or the rubies.  Well, that’s always how she talked about the gems–”I consider them on loan to me.”

          9:42 am | December 4, 2011
      • rick gould

        Actually, Mr. Wow…it occurred to me your take on viewing E.T.’s finery would make a nifty column ;)

        One the spokespeople for Christie’s said the planning of this, right down to the touring of the estate sale, has been in the works for more than a decade. Fascinating.

        I had actually considered flying to Los Angeles to see the tour, but don’t really know anybody there…except the realtor who sold E.T.’s house, ironically. But not that well, tho I could have pulled a Lucy Ricardo move ; )

        But a Mr. Wow column about Elizabeth Taylor’s estate auction would be the next best thing!

        12:37 am | December 5, 2011
  • Daniel Sugar

    “Are you one of the Vales of Boston?”

    “One of the lesser ones.”

    12:28 pm | December 1, 2011
  • Dan S.

    Like a good portion of the male readers here, I followed the Dear Margo bread crumb trail to this site. I stumbled quite innocently and quite accidentally into a Mr. Wow posting and have been hooked ever since. I now make it a point to keep up-to-date when there’s a new Mr. Wow.

    In being a man in his 30′s, I’ve never quite felt particularly beholden to much of what happened on the silver screen before the year 1980. Because so many people enjoy “the classics”, I’ve made it a point to watch one here and there and my reaction to them has been generally the same: “Meh, I guess it wasn’t bad.” The irony of that statement is that I was a child of the 80′s and I find myself beholden to various movies and other forms of entertainment from that era; an era where I think it’s generally agreed that roughly 95% of what was churned out was complete rubbish. To this day, I can still watch with absolute glee a Fred Savage (still Freddie Savage at the time) movie called The Wizard. Now I can clearly look back and see that it was simply a 90-minute Nintendo commercial with a premise that, as Roger Ebert pointed out, involved three kids hitchhiking, train jumping, and otherwise scamming or stealing their way across the vastness of the American Southwest without ending up dead in a ditch somewhere.

    I currently don’t have cable TV and I find that I don’t really miss it much. I do have Netflix streaming to my TV and that’s sometimes a grab bag. Speaking of the 80′s, I used Netflix to watch a couple of recent movies that were homages to the 1980′s for what that’s worth. One was Hot Tub Time Machine, and it doesn’t take much imagination to divine just how deep and throught-provoking it wasn’t. The physics of the time travel were nothing short of laughable and it starred someone to whom reference was already made: John Cusack. And the movie is simply him doing “his thing”. The second movie was obviously inspired by the movies of John Hughes and was called Take Me Home Tonight, presumably making reference to the song from that 1980′s time period despite the song not actually being heard until a butchered, modernized version of it is heard during the closing credits. It followed the typical Hughes formula of having young people deal with self-inflicted (and mostly imaginary) problems that generally don’t matter in the scheme of things.

    The vast majority of my viewing over the weekend (and into this week) has been a series of videos posted on Youtube from this year’s Skepticon. Many of the speakers are people whom I enjoy - whose various blogs, Youtube channels, etc. are ones that I follow. Those videos included a speech from Hemant Mehta about math eduction (it takes great skill to make math seem entertaining), a speech from Rebecca Watson about the religious right’s war on women, a speech from JT Eberhard talking about what the skeptical community can do to help dispel the myths about mental illness (which included incredibly moving moments of him describing his own battles with mental illness), and a speech from a lovely young lady named Julia Galef about the “straw vulcan” and how society often mis-understands what rationality really is because of the caricature versions of it we see in places like Star Trek.

    Yes – my life is that boring.

    2:05 pm | December 1, 2011
  • Mr. Wow

    Dear Dan…

    Your life doesn’t sound boring at all. You don’t sound boring.  I admire that you manage to live without cable.  I’ll admit it right here—I. Could. Not.

    Interesting, as a child of the 1950′s–an avid Million Dollar Movie viewer– I grew up to be quite resistant to most films of the 1970′s–too  gritty, too grainy, and why all the nudity?

    Now I adore 1970′s cinema. 

    I’m okay with nudity, too. 

    2:54 pm | December 1, 2011
    • Dan S.

      Ha! I can live with “boring”. I didn’t mean to seem like I was fishing for any reassurances there. I’m pretty comfortable with “nerdy” too, especially since it seems to be increasingly chic lately. I imagine that one day soon, I’ll be able to say “I was nerdy before it was cool”.

      I just bought a house by myself this year and I assumed that I would get cable television at some point. I had been there a couple of months and didn’t have cable and was like “oh well” and never bothered with it since. But before my house purchase, I was renting a small house and had a room mate and he insisted in not only having cable, but having every option and channel that the provider had to offer. It was a commodity that he insisted upon, so he also took on the bill that totalled somewhere around $150 a month, which strikes me as completely unreasonable. I got quite used to it though and thought that I wouldn’t be able to live without it until I really was living without it. But at that time, I was also accustomed to having a foosball table in the kitchen, improvised pop can spittoons around the house, and a general sense that I was essentially living in a disgusting frat house. I now find that all of those things are things that I don’t even remotely miss.  However, my one weakness is the Internet: I absolutely could not get by without it.

      I hope you’ll get back to 100% soon and have a wonderful weekend.

      12:11 pm | December 2, 2011
      • Mr. Wow

        Dear Dan S.

        See, I could live without the Internet–although I love me me my YouTube—but my 500 cable channels?  A hardship for sure. 

        And it’s not so much the movies (except for TCM)—it is all the other cable channels I like–Smithsonian and History and The Food Channel.  I also get into The Military Channel. 

        3:03 pm | December 2, 2011
  • O E

    “Americans want to be told they are “exceptional” all the time.” Oh, yes, and ignorance is bliss.

    Fully agree with you, Mr. Wow, on the JFK “legacy”. Fortunately, some in the following generations have turned out to be responsible people (JFK’s Caroline and a couple or so of her cousins).

    I’d missed your posts and I’m sorry to read of your fall and slow recovery. Hang in there, Mr. Wow, everything comes to an end, and so will your pain and disability. Soon, I pray. It isn’t like they’re keeping you from enjoying your movies. Like you, I swear off watching the political scene, until some of it sneaks into the tube via sound bites. Watch me shudder… Ah! Netflix to the rescue.

    4:27 pm | December 1, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear OE…

      Thank you.  As I mentioned in the post about my little injury….it really is little.  It has had an impact on me because I am not used to being in pain for any extended period of time.  Lucky me. 

      But I’m walking faster again, and feeling the pain of others far more seriously injured than I. (me?)  I’m a bit more patient and compassionate.  I hope that doesn’t wear off as soon as the pain finally does. 

      Nothing keeps me from my movies.  And, alas, nothing ever really keeps me from making myself crazy watching political “news.” 

      Miichelle Bachmann didn’t know we haven’t had an embassy in Iran for 30 years.    Gotta love her. 

      5:05 pm | December 1, 2011
      • O E

        “than I. (me?)” Beats me. I would say ” more than me”. But then, what if you want to say “more than I am injured”? See? English gets us again!

        Politics is affecting me enormously. I was watching a clip on TV of the new Broadway revival for “Godspell”. It was the scene where a girl stands in front of “the lord” and sings “Day by Day”. The way I saw it, mentally anticipating everything, went like this:

        Day by day, oh, dear lord, three things I pray,
        to see thee more clearly,” (girl holds up one finger)
        to love thee more deeply (she holds up two fingers)
        And… I forgot what the third one is…”

        It’s so much fun to edit what is on the boob tube to fit our disposition for the day.

        5:35 pm | December 1, 2011
        • Deeliteful

          “than I. (me). “I” is correct. Finish the sentence “than I am.” Former editor here,

          Mr. W, I broke a bone in my left foot in June 2010 and now 18 months later I still suffer from it. I’m a year older than you are and until the break was a fast, determined walker. I am no longer sure-footed and can’t wear my fabulous 4″ heels. But it could be worse, so I’m thankful for I can walk without a cane or a limp. Good luck in your rehab.

          3:08 am | December 2, 2011
          • Mr. Wow

            Dear Deeliteful…

            Again, thanks for setting me straight grammatically. 

            I am walking at a brisker pace.  The heels?  Well, I haven’t that in about 25 years.  But I like to think I still could.  It was always fun.  And I was never trying to “pass”–just having fun and showing off  (if I say so myself) a pair of killer gams.

            I’ll be fine, I’m sure.  And very grateful it wasn’t worse–no breakage.  Me in a cast?  Me on crutches.? Oy, the self-pity would flood the city. 

            11:37 am | December 2, 2011
        • Mr. Wow

          Dear OE…

          Thank you.  See what I get for leaving school at 15 and never listening much while I was there? 

          Enjoyed your version of “Day by Day.” 

          11:29 am | December 2, 2011
  • Rho

    Mr. Wow, glad you are healing.  May take a little while longer, but you will be yourself again.

    6:42 pm | December 1, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Rho…

      Thank you, honey.  I’m already pretty much back to myself.  Now, that’s not such a great thing—Mr. Wow thinks he is a terrible person–but I’m back. 

      11:41 am | December 2, 2011
      • Rho

        You are not a terrible person at all.  Glad you are back.  Would really love to see your face some time.

        2:53 pm | December 3, 2011
  • Miss Lee

    My mother, now approaching her 85th year, told me recently that the thing she admired about me was that I was always able to pick myself up and dust myself off and get on with life.  I can attribute this ability to survive, and finally thrive, though out my colorful 57 years of life to a simple philosophy that was best described by the great, The Lady Chablis, “MF it, two tears in a bucket”.  When I first heard those words, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. 

    Glad you are healing.  

    10:45 pm | December 1, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Miss Lee…

      You know, I’d forgotten that line.  And when I saw the movie the other night, I fell right off the couch, laughing. 

      I wish I had more of an abilty to pick myself up, dust myself off…etc.   But I tend to brood, to project–always the worst possible scenario–and I am easily discouraged.   Wish it was otherwise.  I’m no genius, and I have never sought a lot of money or public recognition.  But now that I am almost 59, with my options much reduced, I could have used some old-fashioned avarice and unwarranted ego. 

      11:50 am | December 2, 2011
  • Deirdre Cerasa

    Just when I was beginning to despair…there comes a new post from Mr WoW!! I was concerned that somehow the pain had consumed you and you had given up on this most special column! So very happy you are back and in fine form. Love all the movie suggestions and political insight!
    Most of all, I am happy you are feeling better. This sight is not nearly as much fun without you. Don’t know if I can bring myself to see My Week With Marilyn; seems offensive. I much prefer to watch HER movies and be enthralled by the real thing!
    Again, glad to know you are walking fast again! Train trip???

    12:12 pm | December 2, 2011
    • Deirdre Cerasa

      Site, darn me for not re-reading first!

      12:13 pm | December 2, 2011
      • Deirdre Cerasa

        I will be in NYC from the hinterlands of Western Massachusetts for a couple of days before the La Liz auction and plan to do whatever necessary to see the “baubles”!!

        12:21 pm | December 2, 2011
        • Mr. Wow


          “whatever” is necessary?   Oh, dear.  I see a New York Post headline in the making.

          12:50 pm | December 2, 2011
          • Deirdre Cerasa

            Oh! Wouldn’t I just love to be part of a NY Post headline! Wondering about bail; would you be available?? Or maybe I could name drop that I am an online friend of Mr. WoW? Perhaps, I should just wait in line, (not as much fun but probably b
            better judgement). Sometimes so hard to be a grownup person, SIGH!!

            11:15 am | December 3, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Deirdre…

      I did have a couple of ”woe is me” weeks.  But let’s face it, I have much less to “woe” about than 99.9% of the people in this old world.  I got over myself.  No easy task because I live so much in my head, and what’s in my head is often a jumbled mess. 

      I am happy to note that “My Week With Marilyn” is not doing well at the box-office.  First of all–let’s face it–the woman has been dead for almost 50 years.  No matter her iconic status or that her name and face remain incredibly famous and instantly recognizable, most of today’s moviegoers are not going to spend maybe ten or twelve dollars to see a movie about her.   Also, the praise for Michelle Williams seems somehow forced, insincere–at the very least, uneducated about the real-life Monroe.    My feelings about it (her) are absurdly personal, and I know it.  

      I’d rather buy one of the new photo books that are forever published.  Like a child, I still enjoy looking at her pictures.  And the movies.  Saw “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” not long ago.  Now, that is perfect entertainment–I find it funnier than “Some Like It Hot.”

      As soon as the lottery gets to 50 mil, I’ll start buying tickets and hoping we’ll soon all be in our luxury berths, speeding cross country, swilling margaritas and swapping life stories. 

      12:38 pm | December 2, 2011
  • Deirdre Cerasa

    I wholeheartedly agree, Marilyn has been gone too long for the short attention span movie goers to spend the money to see this movie. Wish we could just let her be and as you said, buy the beautiful books of beautiful pictures.
    Oh my, swapping life stories! I am certain you have far more to tell than I but I will be a rapt audience and will share until I see you yawning!!

    9:04 pm | December 2, 2011
  • maytaguide

    Enjoyed your post-Thanksgiving ramblings immensely, even though as a film buff I am not fond of the same classics as you.

    I understand you have not written that Americans as a whole are exceptional.

    In any case, your statement: “Americans want to be told they are ‘exceptional’ all the time.” is a sad commentary of the state of the nation.

    Every nation has exceptional citizens, exceptional people, in all walks of life. I do not want to define what makes a person or a people exceptional here, because that is a broad topic.

    America, compared to other countries of the world, is declining in many areas, education and health care to name two, and the middle class is being eliminated.

    If all Americans want to hear is how exceptional they are, they will be living in a state of denial. Any politiican who feeds them this message is enabling this delusion.

    Obama is a disappointment, but I am a Democrat, so there is no one the other party can nominate who will get my vote.

    If Michael Moore ever decides to throw his hat in the ring I would vote for him, but I think his value is in giving us history lessons through his films.

    4:36 pm | December 4, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Maytaguide…
      Every nation and every race and every religion is entitled to feel they are “exceptional.”  Indeed, they all seem to embrace that exceptionalism.  For myself I feel America is no more exceptional or entitled to “God’s grace” than any other country, or people of that country.  Those who are good, are good.  Those who are bad, are bad.  However we define those things.

      One can refute the idea of God and yet live a truly Christian life.  One can refuse to pledge alligence to the flag and be a great patriot.   American exceptionalism?  The Kardashians, reality TV–really? 

      We are all human beings in the same human boat.  (Except the Kardashians.)

      I agree.  Obama will get my vote because what else is there for us–those of us who voted for him and are more or less Democratic?    And he hasn’t even been a disapointment.  I expected it.  I hoped I’d be wrong.  My bad, as the kids say.
      So—tell me your  movie classics?  I bet we have some common ground. 

      3:41 pm | December 5, 2011
  • mary burdt

    Dear Mr. wOw, I have been thinking about how you were getting along with the pain from your injury. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving with B. You are a true delight to read and I am always looking for your articles. They make my day when they appear on this site.

    I guess I am the only one still intensely tuned into all the political news and drama. It seems like I am alone in this pursuit. I love it, a political junkie for sure. Obama looks better every day.

    Take care of yourself so that we can board that train sooner, rather than later.

    4:39 pm | December 4, 2011
    • Mr. Wow

      Dear Mary….

      Oh—I keep up with the political grind.  And yet I wonder why I have that twitching under my left eye!   (On really good days, both eyes twitch.)

      3:43 pm | December 5, 2011
  • Daniel Sugar

    Estimate: $2,500,000 – $3,500,000

    Gift from Richard Burton, purchased from Parke-Bernet Galleries, New York, May 16, 1968.

    Set with a cut-cornered rectangular-cut diamond, weighing approximately 33.19 carats, flanked on either side by a tapered baguette-cut diamond, mounted in platinum
    With report 1132411262 dated 9 May 2011 from the Gemological Institute of America stating that the diamond is D color, VS1 clarity.

    Just a hint (in case you want to get me a little something for the holidays…)

    12:30 pm | December 6, 2011
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