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Mr.Wow’s Post-Memorial Day Mash-Up
9:25 pm | May 29, 2012

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A cherished movie star, two recent deaths, a shitload of pills, and an idiot have been on my mind recently.


I’ll work backwards.


Chris Hayes.  MSNBC.  He is Rachel Maddow’s creature, much as she was Keith Olbermann’s.  Difference?  Maddow is not an idiot.  Too cute by half and often grating, but intelligent, potent and…well, not an idiot.


Mr. Hayes, sort of cute and sort of famous for his nerdy eyeglasses took it upon himself on Memorial Day to express his hesitation in referring to men and women who fight in our armed services as “heroes.” 

    Now, before I unload, let me make myself  perfectly clear.  I think “hero” is the most overused and debased word in the English language save for “love.”  I don’t know where the 20th and 21st century “hero” concept originated.  Maybe during the Iran hostage crisis back in the 70’s.  I recall all the references to them as “heroes” and I thought—“Uh, actually, not.  They’re victims, hostages. Heroes are something else, right?”   I was wrong, apparently. 

   Victims are not heroes. Just volunteering for the Army, Navy or Marines doesn’t automatically make one a hero.  Nor does serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. Not everybody serves for love of country.  

    Getting your legs and arms blown off and making a life for yourself despite that, without self-pity—yeah, I’d say that’s pretty heroic.  I also think firemen are heroic.  And good cops and good doctors.  (Good luck on finding the latter two, however!)  People who work in homeless shelters, women who escape abusive relationships, rape victims who testify, investigative journalists who bring down the greedy and corrupt, those who give all they can with a truly charitable heart—heroes, all.

   So, I kind of understood where Mr. Hayes was trying to come from, in his tortured, hesitant, intellectual way.  BUT.  Really?  On Memorial Day?  That’s when you decide you have that little moment on air?  How about just stay at home and barbecue?  Call in sick if knew you’d have to be talking about soldiers.  Mr. Hayes, naturally, was obliged to apologize swiftly.  Too late, asshole.   Not only did you reinforce the idea that all liberal Democrats are anti-military (anti-soldier, actually)   But you undermined the incredible work of Barack and Michelle Obama, both of whom have worked mightily with and for veterans.


More and more I am convinced that self-professed liberals are really conservative plants, doing damage from within.  What else could explain it? 



The passing of Donna Summer was for me—as it was for many around my age—another door on my youth closing.  As soon as I heard the news, I recalled walking down the street with a friend inGreenwich Villagein 1975.  We were on our way to a bar called variously “The Stud” or “The International Stud.”   (This was where I had originally met B., a few years before.)   My friend and I were breathless, discussing Donna’s song, “Love to Love You, Baby.” 


“Oh, yes,” I said “She was definitely really having sex when she recorded that.”  


My friend was goggle-eyed. “Really?  How do you know that?” 


“Oh, please,” I said with assurance of somebody who actually doesn’t know a damn thing,  “Everybody knows that.”  


My friend was satisfied with my “inside” knowledge, which came from inside my head. We trotted over to the bar, determined to have fun.  We did.  How can you not have fun when you’re 23?  When pants are high-waisted,  high-crotched and flare bottomed.  (Really, jeans were downright pornographic in those days.  Those happy days.)

     Donna Summer’s greatest successes would arrive during the rest of the 1970’s and into the 80’s.  By then B. and me were together.  But I can’t say I stayed away from bars, or stopped leaning up against jukeboxes, or dancing my ass off.  I was still young.  I still wanted to have fun.  And Donna Summer’s voice was part of the soundtrack to good times.  And to more gossip, too.  Media wasn’t what it is today.  But there were gossip columns and fan magazines and supermarket tabloids.  What fun we all had reading and speculating about Donna and Barbra Streisand getting together to duet on “Enough is Enough.”  Who had the better part of the song…who sang better…who sang louder…who held the longest notes?  It was such wicked fun.


Oh, I know.  Donna supposedly got all Christian-y later in life and maybe “misspoke” about gays.  Sometimes people go overboard when they discover religion.  I didn’t let it bother me.  She regretted what she said, IF she said it. Perhaps for her career, perhaps because she got hit upside the head with what Jesus really said and did.  I met her once.  She was lovely, funny, earthy.  I’m not holding silly grudges.   And I must say, her death from cancer certainly held up to the light all those who abused their gifts and died early from their own self-abuse—Billie, Janis, Jim, Jimmy (Hendrix), Judy, Marilyn, Amy, Whitney, etc.   Donna took care, protected her instrument. Never made her fans cringe with embarrassment or be forced to make empty excuses.


The death of Mary Kennedy also struck a note.  I have no particular nostalgic feeling for the Kennedy’s.  I was only eleven when JFK was assassinated.  It was a shocking thing, but it had little impact other than that.  My Kennedy memories are mostly the scandalous/sordid/tragic years of Jackie, Chappaquiddick, Joan, JFK Jr, and other unhappy events of that family.


However, Mrs. Kennedy’s death was an especially gruesome suicide. Hanging.  Unusual for a woman. She was, it was reported, fearsomely depressed for many years.  Nobody could help her.  Certainly not her estranged husband, Robert Kennedy Jr., (As he was quick to point out at her funeral.)  She left many friends and four children.  It was her children left behind that impacted me most powerfully. I could not imagine what agony she must have been in to end her life.  No, let me rephrase that.  I do know that agony.  Over the past ten years I’ve thought of it a lot. All the ways.  Even to making it look like an accident—get drunk and walk in front of a bus. 


Only one thing stopped me.  B. I couldn’t leave him behind.  I realize suicide is an act of desperation, of giving in, ending the pain—or thinking you’ll end it. (I imagine most people fight to live in the final seconds.)   But no matter how low I got—and I got pretty low—I always saw B., alone and wondering how it happened, why I did it, why couldn’t he stop me, wasn’t his love enough?  And…how selfish I remained to the end.  I saw his face, and knew I’d see it beyond the grave.  I don’t believe in hell but I have my superstitions.


Mary Kennedy’s death came just as I began—at the urging of my friends and B.—a new round of anti-depressants and some Xanax thrown in, for the incredible anxiety.  I resist so much. I have a tremendous amount of shame.  Why can’t I simply will myself to a better place, to be a better person, to be an adult?  Well, I can’t.  Tough shit, Mr. Wow. You’re weak.  Take the damn pills and at least be pleasant to those who still have the patience to love you.  And don’t think anymore about leaving. 


I have been more pleasant.  Though not an endless party.  I don’t think about leaving.  I’ve been drinking less after “work.”  (Yeah, that sick situation is still going on.)


It’s so funny that I always resist medication.  Because I never resist anything else that can make my life easier, or at least, I put myself in situations that keep me infantile.  And that seems easier.   Perhaps  I’m afraid if the meds really work, I won’t have an excuse anymore.   We’ll see. 



Finally, and on a much lighter note, I just read the trade paperback biography of Jennifer Jones, which I’d somehow missed in hardcover a few years back.  It’s called “Portrait of Jennifer” by Edward Z. Epstein.  Miss Jones was always a particular favorite of mine—she was gorgeous, intense, tormented, quirky and wildly sexy. (Forget modern interpretations that are “truer to the source”—Jennifer Jones is Gustave Flaubert’s Emma Bovary. Period.)

   Jones herself was a mass of neurotic need, counter-balanced by extreme discipline and a mania for privacy. She was a more interesting, intelligent Garbo, a less messy Monroe.

   Jennifer’s relationship David O. Selznick is one of Hollywood’s great psycho-dramas.  He made her a star and he ruined her as well.  Her tale—which includes the tragic story of her first husband, actor Robert Walker—just aches for big screen treatment at the hands of a Martin Scorsese.

   Was she a hard-nosed girl on the make for a break or was she the victim of a system and mogul who wouldn’t say no?

   I don’t know.  But I loved this book!



P.S.  To all of you—sorry I was away for so long.


Oh, Oh—wait.  One more thing.  Fox News doing a segment paying tribute to fallen soldiers on Memorial Day.  The background music?  “Amazing Grace.”  A Christian hymn.  Hmmmm…what about all the Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists or the just-plain-weren’t-sure-about-God who died for this country?    I guess they don’t count.


“Taps” is the appropriate accompaniment.

  • Deirdre

    So glad you’re back! It seems you write, just as I am ready to head for the streets of Hoboken to knock on doors calling for you!Couldn’t agree more about Chris Hayes, what a jackass! Wish he had stayed home and kept his mouth shut. He seems to love to hear himself pontificate and I haven’t been able to watch him very often. I hope the new meds continue to help you find some balance and peace. In my opinion you have a lot to live for and a legion of people who want so much for you to stay; starting with B and including all the crew here on line!  You give all of us so much to think about, talk about and laugh about. That is very important and a wonderful gift to all of us!  I have not read the Jennifer Jones book either but I will look for it because I liked her.  As for Fox and Amazing Grace, would you expect anything else from them?So glad you are back!! xo

    10:00 pm | May 29, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Deirdre…I’m afraid if you come to Hoboken, knocking on on doors, calling “Where is Mr.Wow?!”  I’d end up bailing you out of the local hoosegow.  Thank you for caring.  I am feeling much better.  Chris Hayes–could have spent his time better choosing new frames for his glasses. 

      8:03 am | May 30, 2012
  • Deirdre

    Forgot to mention Donna Summer! So sad and such a surprise. I so loved listening to her during her heydays of the 70s and 80s. She and Robin Gibb died so close together, kind of a Disco double whammy. At least we have their music to listen to forever!

    10:09 pm | May 29, 2012
  • Oh, Mr. Wow, you hit the nail on the head with your comments about the military and Memorial Day.  Yes, “Taps” would have been the best choice of background music for a segment about the fallen.

    And yes, it’s true – being in the military and even going to war does not automatically make one a “hero.”  So many of us just go, do our jobs, and come home.  And no one talks much about it publicly, but there are those who go to war zones and don’t do their jobs particularly well.  Or who have to be dragged to the war zone (seen it).  Just like any other profession, the military has its share of those who sign up for a paycheck and benefits but do their damnedest to get out of, well, actually doing the job they signed up for.

    But Memorial Day is not the day to dwell on all of that.  Two decade-long wars, one still in progress.  Many of our troops now serving – all those repeated deployments – have seen more cumulative combat time than any of our WWII troops did.  And whatever we think of stupid political decisions or how the military is used these days, the all-volunteer force deserves the heartfelt thanks of the rest of our population who do not serve, because the volunteers mean that there is no draft, and that means the rest have the freedom of choice to not serve.

    11:09 pm | May 29, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Lila…Mr. Hayes felt he couldn’t call them “heroes” because it would be like supporting war.  Please.  I suggest he spend his weekends visiting veterans hospitals. He wont like war, he probably won’t feel every soldier is a hero, but he might might learn when it is appropriate to say certain things and when it is not.

      8:07 am | May 30, 2012
      • Visiting veterans’ hospitals… anyone should come away liking war even less, but respecting troops even more.

        We used to have the “wounded warriors” visit the Pentagon roughly every six weeks (not sure if they are still doing this).  The soldiers would get a Pentagon tour and a sort of welcome-home ceremony.  The best part was that before the visit, a reminder e-mail would go out encouraging people to come down to a particular corridor, and welcome the troops with cheers and handshakes.  There were always a lot of people, and the troops really seemed to appreciate it.  Anytime I wasn’t traveling or glued to my desk, I would make sure to be there.  God.  The things you see.  These guys were well on their roads to recovery… among other things, this impressed upon me just how permanent these injuries will be.

        7:36 pm | May 31, 2012
  • jonnyT
    Jonny T

    So much ground to cover, what to respond to first?  Aw hell, I enjoy reading it all.  Donna Summer’s passing was a biggie for me.  When I was a radio DJ I hosted a meet and greet with Ms. Summer at Jones Beach right before her concert.  She was incredibly gracious and friendly to all her visitors, especially considering she still had a show to do.  But then she walked onto the stage and killed.  Mr. Wow is absolutely right when he says she protected her instrument.  This was years after her biggest hits (’96 or ’97 I think), and her voice was flawless.  Always glad to get an update that you’ve posted something new, Mr. Wow!  :-)  

    11:13 pm | May 29, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Jonny…thanks.  Maybe I cover too much ground, but I plead schizophrenia!


      As for Miss Summer, I saw her in the early 2000′s and the voice was unchanged. She never lost it.

      7:57 am | May 30, 2012
  • lulu

    Mr. Wow went you ‘vent’ you really ‘vent’. Some of your best writing and truthful insights!!!!
    Keep giving your new meds a chance to work.  I have a feeling the best is yet to come for you and B. 

    10:00 am | May 30, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Lulu…I know, I should try venting less.  But…I just can’t help it.  Call me Emma Bovary!  I always get swept away.

      3:13 pm | May 30, 2012
  • rick gould

    I’ve been checking every day for a new column…and there it is!
    Although I always enjoyed Donna Summer and the BeeGees, I wasn’t a super fan or anything. So, I was kind of surprised at myself in my reaction to their deaths. I was a high schooler when they were at their late 70s peaks and they were definitely the soundtrack of that era. Yes, and passings like this make one realize that sweet bird of youth has flown the coop!
    I too, have always been fascinated with Jennifer Jones, both her onscreen and offscreen self.For someone who was considered “fragile,” JJ lived a helluva long life. She certainly appeared in a diverse bunch of movies, ranging from ethereal to earthy. I also thought Jennifer was quite lovely and understated…especially in that era of masklike glamour.And Jone’s rise to stardom would make a great film…hey maybe they can get Lindsay Lohan to play her! Not. If my pals wanna get a rise out of me, all they have to do is mention LL playing ET ; )
    As for you, Mr. Wow, keep on keeping on. Although I’ve opted not for medication, I try to mindful of my mind every day. It’s ongoing. But perseverance pays off! 
    Cheers, Rick

    11:09 am | May 30, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Rick…poor Lindsay.  Sorry can’t help but feel for her.  This “Liz ‘n Dick” thing is going to be such a monumental train-wreck.  And I will watch every wretched second.

      I admire you for keeping on keeping on without meds.  I’ve tied so hard, and to be honest, this is the longest period I’ve ever been on them that they kept working.  They’re just pills, and can’t really motivate me, but..for the time being, I’m out of the woods, I’m out of the dark, I’m out of the night.  I’ve stepped into light.   So, where are those damn munchkins?

      7:49 pm | May 30, 2012
      • rick gould

        Hey Mr. W–I would be game to try meds again, except they aren’t really offering anything new. The ones that worked really don’t seem to anymore, and the so-called new ones are just variations of the old ones. And when the dosage is upped, it just makes me irritable. Soooo…It’s not easy, but try to keep constructively busy (hiking and yoga), spend quality time with friends, and keep social drinking to two drinks per outing. The big trick is to find out what works for you.
        And though I have many of those “Is That All There Is?” moments, I would go back on meds in a heartbeat if I thought I was going to take myself over the rainbow. But for right now, it works. Moving to a state with some sunshine might help…I went from MI to Oregon…what the hell was I thinking…Maybe I should buy Liz and Dick’s old pad in Puerto Vallarta and start a commune–you would be a welcome guest–in ET’s suite, of course ; )

        11:38 am | May 31, 2012
        • Mr. Wow
          Mr. Wow

          Dear Rick…hiking, yoga, two drink minimum?  You’re no Liz Taylor fan!  Don’t try to kid me, buster. 

          Oregon?  Really?

          Uh…leave Puerto Vallarta alone, baby.  Mexico ain’t what it was when Miss Taylor used to lounge around in her bikinis, baking herself to a rich walnut.

          5:53 pm | May 31, 2012
          • BabySnooks

            Ah, Mismaloya. A private beach that wasn’t really so private. And where those immortal words “That can’t be Elizabeth Taylor…” were first uttered.  She looked like a whale that had gotten caught in someone’s bikini and then got beached.  And where I suspect caftans came into vogue. The whale was much prettier with the caftan…

            7:35 pm | May 31, 2012
  • Nonplussed

    The obvious problem is that the constant wars fought since WW2 have been somewhat less than heroic but those who honor their duty regardless are worthy of respect, particularly on memorial day, there’s a time and a place for comment and this was not it. I think the word is “manners”? I seem to recall being told, and being unconvinced,  that she was having sex while making that record, that and toothache, have we met? Stay, we’ve only just met. I may need you.

    3:15 am | May 31, 2012
    • TheRudeDog

      Back then, everything was rampant!  And, as I recall, that’s pretty much why I enjoyed it so much.  IF I recall correctly — heh-heh! 

      I’d read some time ago that Ms Summer turned down, “It’s Raining Men” because of the use of the use of  ”halleluiah” (that word never looks right, no matter HOW I spell it) in the chorus.

      I am making no judgments here, just curious whether she’d have considered a song about, say, crabgrass, had “halleluiah” been in  there somewhere.  Am curious about where the line was drawn…

      NO JUDGMENTS!!!!! I loved her!

      8:31 am | May 31, 2012
      • Mr. Wow
        Mr. Wow

        Dear Rude…Oh, those Rampant Times!  I’d say I had the best of it from ’68 to’76.  After that, I was with B. and tho I wanted to be rampant, I mostly had to confine myself to heavy flirting–before, and more sadly, after, I became Blanche DuBois.  Then there was the silly business of making a living.

        I wonder about that “hallelujah” story. Sounds kind of urban-mythish.   But I’m glad the Weather Girls got their one hit. 


        5:48 pm | May 31, 2012
  • Mr. Wow
    Mr. Wow

    Dear Non…forget manners.  Get a brain!  You just don’t go there on Memorial Day, no matter how you feel about war.

    Yes, I doubt Miss Summer was actually making love during that song.  But the rumor was rampant.   She refused to sing it for a number of years after she got God, but then…she got over it.

    Were you asking if we have met?  Anything is  possible.  I’m staying.

    7:56 am | May 31, 2012
    • BabySnooks

      Well she sounded like she was making love. Sounded the way we were supposed to sound when we make love. Or made love as the case may be for some of us who can noly remember the moments. Particularly the moments we tried to sound like Donna Summer as we were dying for a cigarette…


      It was a moment of passage when she died. No drug overdose, no tragic accident, no suicide. She died. We are all getting older.

      7:39 pm | May 31, 2012
      • Mr. Wow
        Mr. Wow

        Dear Baby…yes indeed it did sound awfully authentic.  But I kind of doubt it.  Just as I doubt Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie really had sex on-screen in “Don’t Look Now.”   But, great gossip at the time.  I certainly wanted to believe it. 

        Now–as to Miss Taylor in her bikinis.  She didn’t always look like a whale, but for sure even at her slimmest–after three babies–she didn’t have the traditional bikini bod.  But baby, that’s all she wore.  I loved her attitude.  Earthy, fleshy, self-confident.   (There’s a great picture of Elizabeth and Eddie strolling through a parking lot on the Riviera in 1958.  She is wearing what even today would be considered a brief bikini. She’s not fat, but she ain’t thin.  Carrying a handbag with backless fuck-me pumps on those not-so-tiny feet.  It’s hot.  She sure knew who she was!)

        However, the caftan had to be God’s invention for Miss Taylor.  Nobody worked a caftan like La Liz.


        7:55 pm | May 31, 2012
        • rick gould

          “Easy glamour” was how Liz described her love of caftans.How many countless bios have I read where the famous subjects met Elizabeth Taylor and were surprised to meet her in her robe or nightgown, with no makeup, and were still awed?!My favorite was author John LeCarre, who described her, paraphrasing, as being “a bit broad in the arse, but infinitely cuddly.” Fat or thin, Liz was a whole lotta woman!

          2:15 am | June 1, 2012
  • LandofLove

    Glad to hear that the medication is helping, Mr. wOw! Don’t resist taking it, or feel that you should be able to tough it out. If you had high blood pressure, you’d feel justified taking medication, wouldn’t you? You shouldn’t see this any differently.

    Regarding the Kennedys: I’ve never been a big fan of the clan in general, although I think the Kennedy women are usually more admirable than their husbands. The Kennedy men–all the generations–appear to suffer from hubris and entitlement, especially where their wives are concerned.

    Although I lost track of Donna Summer and the BeeGees over the years, they all seemed to age with some amount of dignity and grace. Whenever any of the voices of our past die, it catches me off guard, as though it’s impossible to imagine them “already” gone. Where did the time go?


    8:47 am | May 31, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Land…yes, at the moment, I am at least free of my ugliest thoughts.  So, I’ll continue to pop those pilld so I can sparkle, Mr. Wow, sparkle!  (It’s a “Valley of the Dolls” reference.  I always hoped I could someday use it constructively.)

      Time.  Honest, it seems like yesterday, literally, I a kid loitering around movie memorabilia shops in Manhattan, looking for anything on Marilyn…listening to the radio all day long…playing all night long.  Never worrying about back-lighting. (avoid it always after age forty–turn toward the light.)

      6:00 pm | May 31, 2012
  • lindynj

    I agree that the word hero is so over used.  You are so right that most people who are called “heros” are simply victims.  Anyway, glad you are back writing again.  You have so many people who care about you I think you should consider taking some of the meds that are available.  I struggled with depression for two years, then left Indiana (a terrible, sunless, depressing place) for NJ.  Negative thoughts were still creeping into my head but I decided that NJ was such a great place I would be able to rid myself of those stupid thoughts by keeping busy.  For 35 years I have rarely been depressed since living here.  I make sure I get out of the house and do something fun almost every day.  I volunteer and try to engage as many people in conversation as I can.  That always keeps my spirits up.   Love your writings.  You have a great talent.

    9:17 am | May 31, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear lindynj…thank you. See, New Jersey gets such a bad rap, but 35 years without depression?  I’d say that calls for something big on the highway.  I am taking meds and they do appear to be working.  Certainly I am less unpleasant to myself and I hope to B.

      Thank you for the kind words.  My talent is not great.  Minor but malleable, I’d say.  Which is better than a kick in the ass. And maybe if these meds really work I’ll someday be able to accept a compliment graciously.

      6:06 pm | May 31, 2012
  • sadiebb

    hi mr wow!glad to hear medication is helping you. trying to tough your way out of a depression  because ‘your problems arent as serious as some’ is like ignoring a tumor because ‘ it really isnt that big yet’i share your doubts about psychotropic meds but after a couple of serious crisises all i can say is ‘THANK GOD FOR XANAX!!’ i only used it temporarily, but it got me over some very rough patches. hope it works as well for you.

    10:02 am | May 31, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Sadiebb…of course I want to refer to you as “Sadie, Sadie, married lady,” because I saw “Funny Girl” TEN times back in the day, and can sing the entire score from beginning to end. 

      Yes, Xanax seems to be my friend.

      6:09 pm | May 31, 2012
  • Daniel Sugar

    If meds help, take them. (Only you can prevent  Forest Whitaker.)

    12:36 pm | May 31, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Dr. Sugar…I’d like to prevent him.  He always seems to be on the verge of tears, no matter what he plays.   That bit  got tired even when Hepburn did it.

      6:11 pm | May 31, 2012
  • Haunted Lady
    Haunted Lady

    Good to see you back.

    While I agree that the word “hero” has been overused to the point of trite, Memorial Day is not the time to spew forth about it. That was a stupid move.

    The disco phase never got to me, the 60s being my prime time, but it was sad to lose Donna Summer. I’d seen her most recently on some TV programs and she impressed me as being a lovely person with a degree of class.

    The Kennedys. OMG! I’ve read quite a lot about that clan, mainly due to their place in history. (I love history). Like it or not, they have made and are still making an impression on recent and current American history. They’re a very complex bunch, a real picnic for psychiatrists and pseudo-psychiatrists. And fascinating in general. I’m glad I’m not one of them. Mary Kennedy’s death is tragic for her family. There have been suicides on both sides of my family and the impact is difficult to describe so I can empathize with those she left behind.

    I’ll put the Jennifer Jones book on my list. I found a web site for used books that is fabulously inexpensive and I have one hell of a list going. Right now, though, I’m reading about the Little Ice Age.

    And, my dear Mr. W, I fervently hope you’ll feel better from the meds or whatever helps. You are worthy of love, you deserve love and you should stick around to savor it. That does not mean you’re perfect but nobody else is, either. That’s why love is such a nice thing; perfection is not required. If need be, print that, cut it out and tape it to your mirror to supplement the meds. I know many others here feel the same way.

    2:56 pm | May 31, 2012
  • Mr. Wow
    Mr. Wow

    Dear Haunted One…age-wise, I suppose the late 60′s and early 70′s were actually “my time.”   Girl groups, the Stones, the Beatles and David Cassidy.  (I liked Shaun better, but by the time he came around my “liking” was kind of pervy.)

    Love all books and TV shows about ice ages, the universe, evolution,  ancient history, vampires. (Sometimes nothing but a good vampire tale can soothe me.)

    Do pick up the Jennifer Jones book.  It’s great if you like that sort of thing.

    Thanks so much…

    Uh…wait a minute.  I’m not perfect?   B.  More Xanax! And a margarita!


    6:19 pm | May 31, 2012
  • BabySnooks

    I agree it was ill-timed but then again perhaps it was not.  I personally have a problem with honoring those who gave their lives for their country. We are always told they defended out freedoms. In reality they only defended the interests of the old men who send the young men, and now the young women, to war to defend their interests. When you honor the war heroes, you honor the war. And there is nothing honorable about war. Not now. Maybe a long time ago. But not now. And the atrocities our military has committed. And tried to cover up. I refuse to honor those. For any reason. Or honor the old men who always show up at Arlington with the wreaths. Go fight the wars yourselves. Or send your sons and daughters to fight them.  Way I feel. And honestly don’t care how anyone else feels. I was ravaged already for saying this.  I am immune at this point.

    As for the Kennedys I am so horrified by Mary Kennedy’s best friend, a Kennedy, making her into a victimizer in a way rather than acknowledging she was a victim. Of her best friend’s brother. Who doesn’t need to annul this marriage the way he annulled the first marriage. It was finally very revealing about how the Kennedys, the Kennedy women in particular, work to keep the image of Camelot alive. It buried Camelot finally for me. Hopefully we have seen the last of the Kennedys in Washington.

    7:48 pm | May 31, 2012
    • BabySnooks

      The only Kennedy who seemed to “atone” for his sins was Ted Kennedy. But then there’s Joan. I don’t think he could ”atone” for that. Or for Chappaquidick. Or god knows how may other things we simply don’t know about. Good deeds don’t always make up for the bad ones…

      7:53 pm | May 31, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Well, Baby, you won’t be ”ravaged” by me.  I tend to agree.  Send the old bastards out to fight and see how fast peace on earth would come about.   Same with men getting pregnant–abortion would be legal, celebrated, as all-American as apple pie.

      I just think Mr. Hayes might have chosen another day to express himself on the subject of heroes and war.  

      Well, at least we don’t have a draft.  But military recruiting can quite persuasive on the young, the poor, the not-so-smart, and those who think they need the “discipline” of such service. 

      But, these young people do go to war, for whatever reason, and some die. Or are hideously wounded.  I say give them their day and argue it another time.  Not that it’ll do any good.  Humankind has been, and will forever be at war, someplace, for some reason.


      8:12 pm | May 31, 2012
  • Rho

    Good to see you back, Mr. Wow.

    10:27 am | June 1, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Rho…thanks!  And how are you?

      7:07 pm | June 1, 2012
      • Rho

        I’m okay, thanks for asking.

        10:17 am | June 2, 2012
  • Deirdre

    Watched “The River of No Return” and “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” late, late last night and early, early this morning to remember Marilyn’s 86th birthday. She is still fascinating and so beautiful. 

    5:32 pm | June 1, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Deirdre…”Gentlemen…” is her mot fabulous film.  Ageless, and better every year.  She’s divine.  So is Jane Russell.

      “River of No Return”–Hmmmm…absolutely gorgeous, and her character is refreshingly tough and self-sufficient.   But she was still in the grip of her her first drama coach, who persuaded MM that her diction was sloppy and she had  to e-nun-ci-ate. Came down hard on the d’s and t’s.    But her musical numbers–especially the final rendition of the title song–make up for any strain in the performance.


      7:31 pm | June 1, 2012
      • Deirdre

        I have always loved the song from “The River of No Return”. I know it was not her best work but I liked her in it. Planning to watch a few more over the next few days.

        9:46 am | June 3, 2012
        • Mr. Wow
          Mr. Wow

          Dear Dierdre…Oh, I did too.  She has lots of smart wisecracks.  “Hey, don’t I know you from someplace?” says one guy, wagging a piece of food at her.  “Same place you left your table manners?” she snaps.

          Robert Mitchum: “What you doing out here?”

          MM: “Berries, I’m gathering berries.”

          RM: “I didn’t think you were the type.”

          MM:  “Even my type gets hungry.”

          And yes–her final moments, singing “RONR.”  Well, it’s great, and it is acting.  Putting feelings into a song requires  emotion and talent. (“I’m Through With Love” from “Some Like It Hot” is another torchy classic.)

          11:11 am | June 3, 2012
  • Charlene



    18 pt
    18 pt


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    For you it was the picture of B.’s face wondering why he wasn’t reason
    enough for you to stick around. For me, it was the picture of my 10-year-old
    son’s face, wondering the same thing. I came oh-so-close to being selfish
    enough not to care about his loss. When you know how far you are from
    perfection, you wonder how much of a loss could it possibly be. Wouldn’t he be
    better off without your miserable self? But you chose to live. Obviously, so
    did I.

    I have known a hero: my dad, with his two Silver Stars for 20 frogman
    missions in WWII, who only ever admitted to doing his job well. But it takes
    the same kind of fortitude to get up and get moving on those days when you are
    feeling utterly useless and self-destructive. I won’t call you, or myself,
    heroic for choosing to stay alive, but it does take a certain amount of
    strength, or maybe just stubbornness.

     I eventually got myself out of the abusive marriage I had been
    complicit in for a decade or so too long. And moved to a sunnier clime, where,
    at 65 I am blossoming the way I should have at 25. It’s never too late.
    Whatever it takes to carry on just for one more day. Thank goodness the meds
    are helping you. Your sharing is helping me.

    11:31 am | June 2, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Charlene…I’m glad you are doing better.  You are not the only person who has mentioned the sun!   For me, personally, I thought an end to my pain–or even an attempt–would be selfish.  But there are those in such agony that it simply never occurs.  I’m lucky. For all I think Ive suffered, it’s not so much that I couldn’t pull myself back and think of somebody else. 

      65?  That’s young these days, Charlene.  You have many more sunny years ahead.


      11:02 am | June 3, 2012
    • Deirdre

      Charlene,Glad you found a way to stay. We need and value all the voices here. It’s what makes this place a great one to visit, thanks to Mr.Wow and the “motley crew” of followers. Oh, and my humble opinion no one is perfect, easy to say, hard to understand. Heard someone say once, “perfect people are boring”.  I think is works!

      11:29 am | June 3, 2012
  • Charlene

    Sorry about all the garbage in the posting. Must be because I wrote it in Word and then copied it to avoid all the problems of trying to edit in this comment box.

    11:33 am | June 2, 2012
  • Scott

    Mr. Wow,

    You are delightful…

    Having read most of the above comments, I have two things:  Blanche Dubois: “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers”; and what I wouldn’t have done to be able to get away with wearing a caftan… 

    Currently, I’m working my way through your archives.  Have you ever written anything about Patti Lupone or Elaine Stritch… or have any inside dish?  I’m madly in love with both of them.

    The meds question is hard… keep scrubbing away at the shame.


    11:22 am | June 3, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Scott… when I was younger, and used to entertain at home, you can bet I wore caftans.  My hair was much longer then, too.  So, natch, I thought I was pulling off a big Liz look.  (My friends kindly allowed this fantasy.)

      I have never written of Stritch or LuPone here, as Mr. Wow, though i admire them both–especially Stritch.   But, who can say what will come?
      11:52 am | June 4, 2012
      • Scott

        As opposed to writing about them elsewhere… perhaps under a different nom de plume or your real name?

        As I mentioned previously, I’m celebrating my 50th in NYC in late July (whilst grieving my late best friend/erstwhile love of my life, Steve Walker… the renown gay artist, who introduced me to Ms. LuPone almost 30 years ago) and I would love some inside Broadway recommendations… things to do… places to see or eat that the tourists know nothing about.  When I was last in NYC (a year or so ago for Ms. Stritch’s final performance in A Little Night Music – OMG!!!!) I couldn’t get over the Disneyfication of Broadway.  Although I’m seeing a bunch of shows when I’m there, I’m hoping to find something different during the daytime or apres theatre.

        Be well Mr. Wow!

        5:27 pm | June 7, 2012
  • rick gould

    I just saw the first still of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. Barf. She looks like Lara Flynn Boyle! The role of a “Lifetime,” indeed…

    11:56 am | June 4, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Rick…I intend to watch this outside my own home–which I keep free of booze, and have for decades.  I will impose myself on a friend, who will provide me with the occasional cocktail as Miss L. portrays La Liz.  I hope B. will forgive my hangover the next day.  

      1:27 pm | June 4, 2012
      • LandofLove

        Mr. wOw, be careful mixing cocktails and your pills!

        3:11 pm | June 4, 2012
        • rick gould

          As Neeley O’ Hara of Valley of the Dolls would say, “They work faster that way!”That’s who Lindsay should playing not Liz!Just saw another pic of Lindsay in a swimsuit as Liz…she looked like a deflated tire!At the same age, Liz was va-va-voom coming out of the ocean in her famous white “Suddenly Last Summer” swim suit… a “scandal to the bluejays!”I am afraid if I watched it, I WOULD want to overdose ; )

          5:37 pm | June 4, 2012
          • Mr. Wow
            Mr. Wow

            Dear Rick…I just came across, online, an incredible pic of ET on her honeymoon with Hilton in Europe.  She’s wearing a two piece swimsuit, and looks fabulous. It’s somewhat briefer than what she might have worn in America, in 1949.  (The thighs are a little big, they always were. But solid as a rock!)

            In the pics of seen of Lohan so far, she looks okay, but appears to be in the wrong era–everything she’s wearing has a 1950′s look.  This movie is supposed to center on Liz n’ Dick, circa 1962 and beyond.  Taylor fashion “sense” had begun to morph into the wildness we (or at least I) came to adore.

            6:23 am | June 5, 2012
  • Deirdre

    Well if you are brave enough to watch the I guess I will have to take the plunge as well. I have Rick’s Lara Flynn Boyle picture in my mind now and think WHY?????  I think my indulgence will have to be tons of chocolate and of course a glass or 6 of wine. At least there will be lots of material for the blog. Maybe it will be so bad, they won’t ever show it?

    1:44 pm | June 4, 2012
  • Rho

    Mr. Wow, I agree with Land of Love, be very careful.


    5:12 pm | June 4, 2012
    • Mr. Wow
      Mr. Wow

      Dear Rho (and Land)….I was really just kidding.  No overdoing the booze.  Maybe a joint.   Come on, I’ll need something for this!!

      6:10 am | June 5, 2012
  • Rho

    Glad you were only kidding,  A joint?  Ok, just one,


    9:47 am | June 5, 2012
  • Haunted Lady
    Haunted Lady

    No one can be Elizabeth Taylor. No one can be Marilyn Monroe. No one can be Judy Garland.  It  bothers me to see how these truly unique beings are turned into something for others to impersonate for a leg up on their own careers. These are the kind of people who can’t be filtered through some interpretation. I would guess it’s very difficult to portray a real person and it has been done well once in a great while (Frank Langella’s Nixon was superb) but I prefer to curl up with the real deal (not Nixon, though; Langella is more curl-up-able) via TCM or DVD. (Insert large, pathetic sigh here). I doubt that my opinion will stop this kind of thing but I can’t bring myself to support it by watching these travesties.

    5:07 pm | June 6, 2012
  • rick gould

    It’s all about cashing in…I don’t know how the critics and Academy got snowed by “My Week With Marilyn.” The source material is questionable at best and everyone knows that Monroe didn’t use the “Marilyn” voice off-camera. That, and lets face it, Williams may be talented but she’s no beauty.
    I’ve ranted enough about Lohan. I have a feeling that this was the only thing being offered up to her…and she sees this as her big…and maybe last chance…at getting back to where she was, careerwise. Lindsay’s photoshopped poses as Liz look reasonable, but the candid shots look horrid. She should be playing Melanie Griffith or Courtney Love!Sadly, I think this is gonna join “Valley of the Dolls” and “Mommie Dearest” as a camp classic…just a low budget one, at that.

    12:07 am | June 7, 2012
  • Mr. Wow
    Mr. Wow

    Dear Rick…if anybody ever questioned the power of Harvey Weinstein—he got that nomination for her and those insane reviews.   One good thing, the movie was a flop.


    As for “Liz n’Dick”–news breaking: Lindsay in a car crash, bruised, shaken, etc.  Couldn’t make this stuff up!  (I guess this is her version of Taylor’s tracheotomy?)

    5:39 pm | June 8, 2012
  • Deirdre

    Lord, what next?? Will she find a way to have back surgeries and pneumonia? I saw the pics that have been released and was unwhelmed. I too, feel the era of the clothes is all wrong. Haunted Lady is spot on, there was only one Liz, one Marilyn, on Judy. Even the most sincere imitators cannot be any one of them and Ms Lohan is anything but sincere. I really do wish she could get her life back so something less than a train wreck but she is not now nor ever will be anyone close to Liz. Chocolate anyone??

    8:23 pm | June 8, 2012
  • rick gould

    Maybe Lindsay’s researching to play James Dean next!

    1:45 am | June 9, 2012
  • Haunted Lady
    Haunted Lady

    I really feel sorry for the Lohan girl but she will continue being a complete wreck until she wises up and takes charge of her life. In the meantime, trying to do imitation Liz doesn’t work. It’s a shame because Lohan is actually a good actress and she could achieve so much if she could get herself pointed in the right direction. I hope she finds her way before she kills herself. That would be awful. Of course, some bonehead would want to do a movie on her life and heaven only knows who would be chosen to play Lindsay Lohan. It’s all ridiculous.

    12:18 pm | June 9, 2012
    • Haunted, you are kind-hearted.  I have a hard time feeling sorry for people who do things to themselves.

      9:31 pm | June 9, 2012
      • BabySnooks

        She seems to be channeling the worst of Elizabeth Taylor – the sense of entitlement to do what she wants without anyone daring to call her on the carpet for it. She has made it quite clear at this point. She lied to LAPD about who was driving in the accident the other day. Not realizing the assistant she claimed was driving would tell the truth and tell LAPD that she was driving. After the fact, of course. After it was too late to test her. But she may be in trouble anyway. For lying. Although the judge will just slap her on the hand again.

        12:06 am | June 12, 2012
  • Mr. Wow
    Mr. Wow

    Dear Lila, Haunted…what makes me crazy is why she drives herself anywhere.  Obviously all she has to do is look at an automobile and you can kiss that vehicle goodbye.  Hire a driver, girl. 

    As for “Liz n’ Dick” I am approaching it with less animosity than I did “Marilyn and Me.”  Monroe holds a slightly more sentimental place in my heart, having been a “fan” since the age of seven.  And there have been fifty years of distortions/exaggerations.  This is only the first ET post-death effort. There won’t be many more.  Taylor had lived too long.  She had outlived the legend in many ways.   I find the Lohan project ridiculous, starting with the title (Taylor and Burton hated those media nicknames)   And of course, it’s Lifetime TV, the home of Women in Jeopardy.   Will Taylor be kidnapped by Nicky Hilton in this one, or stalked by Michael Wilding? 

     However–despite her personal behavior–I do find Lohan a good actress.  Or she was.  She won’t look like Elizabeth and the production will certainly suffer from a restricted budget, but she might bring something to the table.  Not necessarily something about Elizabeth, but more about herself–that she can still act, that perhaps the drama of Elizabeth’s life, might inspire her now-mature abilities.

    And let’s never forget. To this day, there are some who either remember (or are aware of) Elizabeth’s own personal history, and are not swayed by her Oscars or her late-life charity endeavors.  To these folks she’ll always be a usually fat, selfish, materialistic, drug and drink-abusing husband-snatcher who cared nothing about the carnage she left in her wake.   If media had been what it is today, Taylor could never have survived, publicly, the life she led for many years.   She had brilliant PR, and her own sense of how to turn opinion around, without looking like she cared at all.  Taylor also had a family that supported her–tho they could hardly have always approved.  Lohan is rudderless and not terribly clever.   

    11:51 am | June 10, 2012
    • BabySnooks

      Not terribly clever. Or a good liar. She told LAPD her assistant was driving. Then the assistant told LAPD she was driving. Of course no one did an actual test to determine if she was on something. Since she wasn’t driving. Or they thought she wasn’t driving. But she lied to police. So she may be back in court. To have the judge slap her hand again. Eventually she will most likely kill herself. And possibly several other people. She shouldn’t have a driver’s license. Just on the basis that she will possibly kill several other people at some point. 


      As for Earth Mother, well, she was what she was. She meant well. She didn’t make the best decisions, however, even when she meant well. As for the charity, well, apparently that ended when she died. Hope I’m proven wrong but rumor is she indeed left absolutely nothing to any charity. Not even her own.

      12:02 am | June 12, 2012
  • Haunted Lady
    Haunted Lady

    She really should have her license, keys and all vehicles taken away from her and never be allowed near anything bigger than a hot wheels toy thing. Then, maybe, she will avoid killing herself and who knows how many others as well. A chance at it, anyway.

    The part I find sad is that something way back when caused this self-destructive behavior. This young woman doesn’t appear to have any happiness and for that, I’m sorry for her. She has no peace, no joy, no real life. We all have ups and downs, good times and bad, and we all react in our own unique ways, but we have privacy to go and do our screw ups and bad days and all. Lohan and others like her are going through their personal misery very publicly. I can’t help but think that makes it worse. Seriously, would you want to relive your adolescence in the public eye? I realize a public life involves some choice and not always a good one, but I think it all goes so overboard now. Someone should do to Lindsay Lohan what was done to the Spears girl. Get her under wraps and presumably into serious treatment in as much privacy as possible. I’m not a Spears fan but she has apparently straightened herself out a lot. I hope for the same for Lohan.

    12:59 pm | June 12, 2012
  • Deirdre

    Haunted Lady, I think you are so right. The court ordered conservatorship that was ordered for Brittany Spears was the best thing that every happened to her and her sons. She appears to have gotten the treatment (if not the fashion sense) she needed  and is hopefully on her way to a far more normal life. I do wish her the best. I think Lindsey Lohan is talented but if this behavior continues, she will run out of chances to turn her very young life around. I wish the court would order a conservator for her and keep her very damaging family away from her for a long time. I also understand that when someone is in the public eye the give up a certain level of privacy but as you said it sure is hard to have every misstep played out for the whole world to see.

    1:28 pm | June 12, 2012
    • rickgould

      Well, let’s see…when Liz was in her 20s, she filmed the epic “Giant,” with James Dean.And now, apparently, Lindsay is going to make a film financed with a Kickstarter campaign, with porn star James DEEN, who has a “giant”… oh, never mind!Stay classy, Lohan!

      1:01 am | June 13, 2012
    • rickgould

      Well, let’s see…when Liz was in her 20s, she filmed the epic “Giant,” with James Dean.

      And now, apparently, Lindsay is going to make a film financed with a Kickstarter campaign, with porn star James DEEN, who has a “giant”… oh, never mind!Stay classy, Lohan!

      1:01 am | June 13, 2012
  • BabySnooks

    Instead of portraying Elizabeth Taylor I’m afraid she’d have been better off portraying Edy Williams.  

    10:49 pm | June 12, 2012
  • Deirdre

    Ugh! Quickly going from sad to pathetic.

    10:58 pm | June 12, 2012
  • Rho

    Sorry I haven’t been here for a while.  No matter what anyone thinks of Liz, I have always admired her.


    11:54 am | June 15, 2012
  • Mr. Wow
    Mr. Wow

    Paramedics called to Lohan hotel room.  Assistant finds her “unresponsive.”  No prob, no hospital, LL back on “Liz and Dick” set.   (Perhaps only emotionally and intellectually unresponsive?)

    She must have seen the headlines about Chris Brown and Drake fighting over Rihanna.  (Who was not even in the restaurant or the state.)   She’s had a car crash and a 911 call.  What next?  I’m telling you, Lohan is bucking for a tracheotomy, one way or another.   I suppose it’s good publicity for the movie.  I feel for her, but…time  to take a long rest on  a farm in the country.  Meet a nice boy and forget about show biz.  Not equipped at all.  Oh, and never again speak to those people who say they are her concerned parents.


    6:31 pm | June 15, 2012
    • Deirdre

      The slippery slope now seems like a luge track. If only there were someone who could convince her to, as you say take a nice long rest and find another way of life. And please, never, ever let those vultures who are supposedly her parents near her again.

      6:54 pm | June 15, 2012
    • BabySnooks

      Well the question is why she was unresponsive. Just exhaustion?  She’s an accident that happened a long time ago. But then she’s getting into the character.  The character wasn’t exactly “together” during the “time frame” being portrayed in the film. And no doubt if Lindsay Lohan manages to complete this film, the insurance companies will nonetheless consider her “high risk” which as it did with Elizabeth Taylor add considerably to the “production costs.” The only difference is that Elizabeth Taylor was “big box office” and Lindsay Lohan isn’t. At least she appears to have dumped the “doting parents.” So there is possibly a little glimmer of hope. But of course it’s just a glimmer.

      10:13 pm | June 15, 2012
      • Lauriate Roly.

        Your words, Baby Snooks:

        “So there is possibly a little glimmer of hope. But of course it’s just a glimmer“.

        Reminds me of song that was very popular once. I think the last time I heard it the Mills Brothers did it. Anyone remember the lyrics? –
        “Shine Lindsay Lohan, glimmer, glimmer, Shine Lindsay Lohan, glimmer, glimmer”.

        5:59 pm | June 17, 2012
  • Rho

    All I am going to say is “OY VEY” :)


    4:57 pm | June 16, 2012
  • BabySnooks

    And then there is the film itself.  Which some may question in terms of its “version of events…”


    5:48 pm | June 17, 2012
  • rick gould

    Well, ET certainly had her own issues, but could you see Lindsay Lohan in Taylor’s shoes, coping with the death of James Dean, near-death of Monty Clift, the plane crash that killed beloved Mike Todd, leaving her with an infant and millions in debt? The Liz/Eddie/Debbie scandal that immediately followed? Nearly dying of pneumonia while soldiering through Cleopatra? And the “Liz and Dick” scandal that followed that? This all happened in EIGHT years! And Taylor got through it. And a few years later, ET had Burton, a second Oscar and was the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

    People can say what they want about Elizabeth Taylor. They always have. But she was a survivor.
    Lindsay Lohan? If she makes it to 30, it’ll be a miracle. And I would lay down money that she won’t have her first Oscar, even if she has to perform a tracheotomy on herself in trying!

    7:03 pm | June 19, 2012
  • Haunted Lady
    Haunted Lady

    Lohan is more pathetic than tragic. There’s no uplifting or heroic element to her character or life to make her tragic. Elizabeth Taylor was heroic is surviving all she did and it made her grand and admirable in some ways, enough to consider that her misfortunes were more tragic than pitiable. She ultimately rose above her troubles and enjoyed her life. Lohan is a sinking ship, at least, she looks old enough to be one, and is probably headed for an early grave. She triumphs over nothing and will never have the chutzpah of Taylor. It’s a shame, really.

    12:36 pm | June 21, 2012
  • Deirdre

    Well, well. Looks as though Lindsey may have been telling the truth about exhaustion after all. CNN is reporting that SAG/AFTRA reps have visited the set of  ”Liz and Dick” regarding Lindsey’s claim and also reports of 2 hairdressers on the set who also were reportedly ill from exhaustion. They report that the producers were reminded of their obligations regarding hours of work, breaks and rest for all cast and crew. Is this finally one in the good column for Lohan? Hope so.

    5:44 pm | June 21, 2012
  • Susan

    I hope everything is going well with you Mr. WOW.
    Also hope you are enjoying the summer.

    Take care and stay cool…..miss your articles!

    4:04 pm | June 25, 2012
  • Claudia

    Missing you!

    5:33 am | June 26, 2012
  • Deirdre

    Hello? I miss you too!!

    7:46 am | June 26, 2012
  • Rho

    Me too Mr. Wow – we all miss you.  Hope you are okay.

    10:05 am | June 27, 2012
  • arcadiayarddog

    Glad I caught you, I guess I’ve been gone, too. Love Jennifer Jones, must read. Thank you for your insights, miss you, must go LOLOL.

    3:35 pm | September 17, 2012
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    2:02 am | June 27, 2013
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